Just the binding of Isaac pills

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Minecraft Forge mod
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First of all, sorry for the any spelling mistake on this description, my main language is not english.

!: The mod has a sistem for saving attack speed that made override any other attack speed change for other mods

!: Sometimes, when a new world is created, Minecraft can crash, if this happen, create a new world because the crashed world will have the pills bugged


This mod adds 17 pills from the binding of Isaac game

The pills get one of 17 effects when a world is created, this is random, so in all worlds the pills will have random effects (This is NOT predetermined by the seed).

You can get pills for killing mobs by yourself, any killed mob has a 3.33% chance to drop a random color pill (The player need to be the death cause)

When you get a pill for the first time, the pill name gonna be ???, one time you take a pill, you discover it, and the next time you get the same pill, the name will be the effect


The 17 effects from the pills are:

Health up/down:

Change the max life of the player in one hearth. Resets on death


Bad trip:

Deals 2 hearts of damage, ignoring armor and effects. This can KILL you if you don't have enough hearts to survive


Balls of steel:

Give absorption effect for 15 seconds, if the player had absorption before, give 15 seconds more for the effect


Full health:

Heal player's life completely



Give nausea X for 12 seconds


Power pill!:

Give resistance XI (100% damage reduction, void still deal damage), Speed II and Strength for 5 seconds


I'm Excited:

Give Haste III and Speed II for a minute


I'm Drowsy:

Give mining fatigue III and Slowness II for a minute


Tears up/down:

Change the attack speed of the player on a 0.1 Resets on death


Explosive Diarrhea:

Summon a TNT (a reason for not use unknown pills on your home)



Give Slowness XII for 2 seconds



Give resistance II for 30 seconds



Give a hunger point and saturation III for 10 seconds


I can see forever:

Chance to discover a pill. The more pills discovered, the less chance



Make you forget all pills, making the pills name be ??? again



Future things:

Add horse pills, add golden pills


Enjoy the mod, and remember NOT USE PILLS IN YOUR HOME

Modification files

Version 2:

"Fixed" the stat bug, now HP are fixed, attack speed no

Reduced the duration of the power pill! to 5 seconds (of 10)

Added new textures more "Minecraft" for the pills

New logo

Sadly I will not add more pill effects, thats will add a new pill, and change a LOOT of things of the code, the version 3.0 will be the last, having the golden pill (the thing that is making the update taking so long because a bug) and the horse pills
Also, I dont have idea how heamtemesis pill can work in minecraft