New Super Mario Mod 2

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this mod adds well... all things mario i guess. (all added objects are shown in the video)


v1 it adds boo, king boo, bowser, bowser jr (my favorite), koopa, yoshi, luigi, boom-boom and kamek the magikoopa.


v2 that plus the koopalings! (bowser jr's step-brothers/step-sister)


v3 adds the 3 princesses, peach, daisy, and rosalina. to get peach, kill bowser whom kidnaped her, she'll give you cake! a new dimention, the galaxy made from a diamond portal and access it by puting a beacon in a furnace, getting the portal star. THERE YOU CAN FIND LUMAS!!! that place is only for the rich!!!


v4 more common charecters that i should have added a long time ago are finally here. these include cheep-cheep the fish, bob-omb, piranah plant, toads (that act like villagers), lakitu, spinys for him to toss and buzzy-beetles. bowser is quite aggressive against toads.


v5 added new biomes, bowser biome. natural structures, peaches castle (any biome), luigi's mantion (any biome), planets (in biome galaxy, in replace of dimention galaxy), airships (any biome), bowsers castle (bowser biome, new), bowser statue (bowser biome), and jr statue (bowser biome).. new blocks bowser block and jr block, both in the bowser biome. and removed the dimention galaxy, since it messed up the nether.


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Modification files
mariomod7.jar - download the mod here! (bowser jr is my favorite)Uploaded on: 07/28/2016 - 21:00   File size: 75.48 KB
mariomod8.jar - koopalings for the win!!!Uploaded on: 07/30/2016 - 03:19   File size: 130.53 KB
mariomod9.jar - super minecraft galaxy, a galactic updateUploaded on: 07/30/2016 - 18:07   File size: 186.97 KB
mariomod11.jar - some of the more common things now...Uploaded on: 08/10/2016 - 23:28   File size: 234.56 KB

Awesome mod! But the only issue is for some reason i can download mariomod , 8, 9, 11, and the other links are glitched and i cant click them. but the mod is awesome!

just wondering, how come i can only post 5 versions and 4 pictures per mod?