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Minecraft Forge mod
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BatimMod v2


The game has 5 weapons, 1 item and 3 blocks

Tommy Gun uses ¨TommyAmmo¨ ammunition.

BatimAxe deals 15 damage and slows 1 infinitely, can be use like a Axe


BatimGentPipe deals 9 damage and slows you 1 indefinitely, can be use like a Axe


BatimPlunger deals 8.5 damage, the only weapon that doesn't slow you down.


BatimKatana deals 20 damage and slows you indefinitely, it can be like an Axe.


TommyAmmo is the ammunition of the Tommy Gun



4 blocks

13 posters

3 bendy cutout

and 1 door



if there is an error you can contact me by my gmail!

Modification files
BatimModV2.jar - Have Really Really Great Day4.1 MB

New blocks