Green Screen Mod 1.9 Updated 6/18/2016

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This mod gives you normal blocks and ghost blocks with solid colors. You can use this to add green screen effects to your youtube videos. These blocks also allow light to pass through them so you don't need to leave torches or glowstone visible to the screen. These blocks come in the following colors: Green, Blue, Black, White, Red, and Yellow. This is helpfull if you need certain colors in your video. you can also obtain these blocks in survival mode.

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After you download the mod, change ".zip" to ".jar", then hit the "windows" and "R" key and write "%appdata%" after that, open the "minecraft" folder, then open the "mods" folder, then you drag the mod you downloaded to the folder, then you just close the folder and your done. You will also need Minecraft Forge:…

New Update 6/18/2016: More Light Travels Through The Green Screen Blocks

Modification files
GreenScreenModByNinja_Gamer.jar - Helps youtubers with green screen effects on their Minecraft videos75.19 KB
GreenScreenModByNinja_Gamer.jar - A New Green Screen Mod That Allows More Light To Travel Through578.3 KB

Well! I rate you full stars but you must checkout my new mod for minecraft 1.8!