StarWars Mod

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The StarWars Mod that I made is already in the beta 1.0.0 version. So pleace don't mock this Mod. And pleace don't judge me for my bad english because I'm not a english boy. Say me if i made a mistake in the language in this mod.

But now what this mod is about. In this mod there are only lightsabers now. But I'll make more weapons, armors, mobs, structures, items, blocks and much more. But for that the lightsabers are 3D-models that i made by my self.

There are 6 lightsabers in different colors: red, blue, yellow, pink, green and one which have all colors. This is the most powerfull lightsaber. Than there are many items to craft these sabers (I show you the crafting recepie below).

Than there are 2 different ores: a copper ore and a cristal ore (You need it to craft a lightsaber). O.K. thats it.

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