When Day Breaks {bug fix update}

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WARNING: this mod and related source material is not recommended for people under the age of 16 (quote from wiki) there's some seriously traumatising stuff on there so please consider that before going into this mod (the mod itself isn't too bad but for the safety of everyone i'm putting this here anyways)

"Upon contact with visible light produced by the sun, living organisms liquefy at the point of contact, with the effect spreading until the entire organism is converted. Visually, this is reminiscent of melting wax. The time this takes is largely dependent on the level of exposure and size of the organism. Despite this restructuring, at no point do living organisms perish." -SCP 001 "when day breaks" official page

this mod is in early stages and will be worked on when i have the time, currently it only adds the sun being a hazard, new blocks and corruption and scp 001 victims (which spawn naturally and when an entity (players) die (i know what it says on the page minecraft just has some limits)

IMPORTANT INFO: if you have made something that has appeared in this mod and you don't want it to PLEASE let me know so i can remove it or we can discuss it

also to my knowledge this mod should work with SCP lockdown (by "commander wasp") a great scp mod you should check out if you like this one

you are free to use this mod however you wish as long as you give credit and a link to this page or maybe a curseforge one if i make it

this mod is based on SCP 001- "S. D. Locke's Proposal" by Shaggydredlocks, from the SCP Wiki. Source: https://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/shaggydredlocks-proposal. Licensed under CC-BY-SA

this mod is also protected by CC due to it being based on the scp foundation's works

current mod image is made by "emeraldserpent"

WIP items soon to be added inspired by: "SCP Illustrated's" when day breaks series

i will be releasing a texture pack to change the colour of the sky according to official images (until then i suggest using a mod for this)

copyright use (an explanation) the scp foundation website as a whole uses creative commons, thus meaning that you can use anything related to it as long as you properly attribute where the content used comes from and as long as you also license your content under creative commons, thus you may also use this mod however you like as long as you give the same info as i have, here is an official scp foundation page describing it (here)

i would also like to specify that for some reason mcreator doesn't have the right license but i allow anyone to use my content under the same guidelines as above

Modification files
When Day Breaks 0.07.jar - version 0.07 (more bugfixes)Uploaded on: 07/31/2021 - 16:26   File size: 164.71 KB

it has the sun melt you into flesh monsters, all currently known bugs are fixed and now this mod is technically fully working, next thing to add is items based on the source material

v0.03 changed how melting works and how mobs react, also making the groundwork for some items

v0.04 huge bug fixes, and some lag control, also added corruption of blocks, better gather wood quickly...

v0.05 i slightly updated a bad texture

v0.06 fixed another bug

v0.07 more bugfixes

The mod is not compliant with the SCP Wiki's license. SCP is licensed under CC-BY-SA-3.0, which Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 is not compatible with.

i had to look when day breaks up after i saw this when day breaks is a scp.
this is a cool mod i give upvote and might download to try it out myself

i'm glad you like the idea, i'm hoping that i can finish the update i'm working on tomorrow, really hope you enjoy this mod and the updates coming in the near future, have a great day and remember to "embrace the darkness, fear the light"

i keep on forgetting to fix easy bugs so forgive me for updating so frequently

oh man, i've been watching your tutorials since i started, im so happy you think that, im gonna update to 1.16 after i get all the main stuff implemented (i want the main version to be compatible with scp lockdown meaning 1.12 as the first version)
i really hope you enjoy this mod and the updates im working on