Mega Marvel Mod {fantastic four are here!}

Published by Magnet108 on Thu, 07/28/2022 - 19:54
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fantastic 4 are here! use contained cosmic ray to use the powers of The Thing, invisible woman, human torch, doctor doom, and silver surfer.


And tell me if you can't see the images on description and I will try to fix it.

With Mega Marvel Mod it adds a bunch of stuff from marvel. a bunch of fun for marvel fans 119 mod elements hard work put into this hope you like it 

 Living Entity's

Thanos {will spawn when you craft the infinity gauntlet}                                                                                                                                                                          



Doctor Strange 

The Collector                                          

Ronin {the one from space}

red skull {from infinity wars}


all the infinity stones

the infinity gauntlet with stones and without

Loki's staff {with stone}

Ronin's Hammer

Thor's Hammer 

captain Americas shield

iron man's repulse ray 


carbon polymer


 villager trades

weaponsmith 25 stone 5 Morag blocks for 3 Uru {which you need for Thor's hammer}
armorer 15 moss blocks for 5 vibarnium ore

leatherworker 10 Morag blocks for 5 Carbon polymer {which you need for captain America suit}

tool smith 45 smooth stone for 10 metals {which you need for iron man's suit and repulse ray blast furnace it}

Librarian 10 vibarnium for 1 ronin hammer

shepherd 10 metal for 1 gamma block

butcher 3 gamma blocks for 1 contained cosmic ray 


The fantastic four {except Mr. fantastic}

Doctor doom

Silver surfer

iron man's armor

captain Americas armor 

Black panther armor

Antman suit

Hulk armor

mysterio suit make clones which only lasts 25 seconds each {need stark glasses to use clones right click with them}

{coming soon other suits}


Gamma block

viburnum ore

Morag block


Morag {Deep slate portal}

 Knowhere {copper portal}

 vermin {smooth stone portal}

 how to get all the stones

first you need to get the outlines of it

mind stone kill vision

space stone kill Loki and get his staff

power stone kill ronin

time stone kill doctor strange

soul stone kill red skull

reality stone trade with the collector


vision summoner recipe

Loki summoner recipe

doctor strange summoner recipe

captain America shield recipe

helmet recipe

chestplate recipe

leggings recipe

boots recipe

tesseract recipe

Thor's Hammer recipe

infinity gauntlet recipe

reality stone recipe

space stone recipe

power stone recipe

soul stone recipe

mind stone recipe

time stone recipe

infinity gauntlet with stones recipe

iron man repuler ray

Knowhere portal lighter

vormir portal lighter

Morag portal lighter

portal lighters

Pym particle recipe

Pym particle disk recipe

Antman helmet recipe

Antman chest plate recipe

Antman leggings recipe

Antman boots recipe
Stark metal recipe

Stark glasses

illusion drone recipe

gamma block recipe

Use illusion bots to make mysterio suit

With Antman suit you can now turn tiny! But it only lasts for 25 seconds, and you have to have Antman's full armor and a Pym particle disk.

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Yes, you can use this mod in videos and in mods. But at least tell me in the comments.

Modification files
fantastic four update.jar - fantastic four are here with invisible woman, the thing, Doctor doom, silver surfer, and human torch suitsUploaded on: 08/02/2022 - 01:13   File size: 589.35 KB


Mysterio suit

fantastic four and Villans are here

tell me if you have an idea for the new update so i can add it to the one I made

for the images you have to open them in a new tab some weird reason?

new Antman armor coming very very soon and by that i mean today