The Legend of Alex: A Link to the Mines

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The Legend of Zelda™ meets Minecraft!

Ever wanted to wield the Master Sword?

Maybe conquer a dungeon or two?

See how many rupees you can collect?

Well, you have found the right mod to do so!

This mod adds memorable Zelda enemies, classic items such as the hookshot, and an adventure through your mines to find enchanted ore which is a key component for creating

the Master Sword!

As of now, the mod only has two mini-dungeons, no good mob loot (caused by AI settings), and no use for rupees.

But, maybe you like the mod?

If you want more, let me know!

Release type
In development
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V1: Published the mod

Please improve the textures and the description
But cool anyways.

Nice mod :)
You can increase mob loot using procedures! :)

Thank you, It may be a while before I update this because I'm getting distracted by several mods I want to make, but I still hope you'll enjoy!