DFHeroes Weapons Mod

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Created this mod to go with my lucraft addon called "DFHeroes". The reason for this is that lucraft addons only can add in suits/abilities, so I made this for the items, mobs, anything else really.

Ok, so stuff added is, but not limited to:

  • Vulture Wings item
  • Philospher's stone
  • Speedforce Staff
  • QuadBlaster
  • Loki's Staff (use X to toggle scepter models, and use C to toggle ranged/melee modes)
  • Loki's Dagger
  • Deadpool's Katanas (with names inscribed on the hilt bottoms0
  • Wakanda Biome
  • Vibranium
  • Vibranium Weapons
  • Wakanan mob
  • etc.

Link to the suits addon-->https://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/marvel-addon-for-lucraft-core-2-0/

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
DFHeroesExpansion 1.0.jar - Renamed Mod to "DFHeroesExpansion"431.44 KB
DFHeroesExpansion 1.3.jar - DFHeroesExpansion 1.3, yep, I skipped 1.2!610.68 KB
DFHeroesExpansion 1.3(non restricted forge).jar - DFHeroesExpansion 1.3.1(non restricted forge)610.65 KB

Renamed mod id by remaking mod.


-alternate scepter model(press X to switch model, and C to switch melee/ranged mode)

-time stone

-reverse flash's staff

-something else i forgot...


-outrider mob

-thanos mob

-- Update 1.1 --

-reworked power stone

-added Jarnbjorn axe

-- Update 1.3 --

-added mark 5 suitcase block

-added nano tech items and blocks for crafting uses

-- Update 1.3.1 --

-does not require a specific forge for 1.12.2 to work anymore. Should work on other 1.12.2 versions as well!

Also its part of a larger set of addons I made so most people who downloaded my Lucraft addon went and downloaded this as well. And that has a good amount of downloads as well. That's where most the users are coming from.