The Astral Dimension

Published by MrSculk404 on Tue, 07/18/2023 - 09:23
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To access the Astral dimension you need to build the Astral Portal. The portal is built like the nether portal, but instead of obsidian you need at least 10 Glowing Obsidian and can be activated with a Steel and Dust.

NOTE: From version 1.5 you will need to install Geckolib to run the mod.

portalglowing obsidian, dust and steel recipe

The dimension contains 9 new biomes:

Lunar Spikes:
New biome composed of Lunar Soil and Moonstone
Generates Moonfoam, Large & Small Solar Shrub patches, Void Eggs, Small & Large Lunar Spikes and Lunar Base Ruins
Spawns Ghost Jellyfishes, Void Centipedes

the lunar spikes biome

Jelly Glass:

Jelly Glass is a special type of glass, having an unique texture and can be obtained when broken without silk touch. To craft one, first you have to find a Ghost Jellyfish. These mobs spawn in Sludgy Wastelands, Dead Coral Reefs and Lunar Spikes.

screenshot image

They drop Ghost Jelly which is a key item to create Jelly Glass. You will also need 1 Colored Stained Glass.

screenshot image

screenshot image

But that's not all! If you craft or find an Astranite Cauldron, you can apply patterns to these blocks. Currently, there are 4 Patterns: Pillar, Present, Flower and Portal. 1 Astral Cauldron is always present within an Electric Swamp Hut.

screenshot imagescreenshot imagescreenshot imagescreenshot image

Fiery Forest:

-Generates Luminous Trees, Lava Wells, Huge Fiery Mushrooms.

-Spawns Magma Cubes, Fiery Hummingbirds and Fiery Cows.

fiery forest

Fiery Birch Forest:
-Generates fiery birch trees, fiery bushes, lava wells
-Spawns Fiery Cows, Fiery Hummingbirds and Magma Cubes.

fiery birch forest

Dead Coral Reef

 -Generates ocean ruins
-Spawns bonefishes at night
-Contains dead corals, dead seageass, dead kelp and soul themed blocks.

dead coral reef

 Electric Swamp:

-Generates Electric trees, Fossils, Huge Mushrooms and Oak trees
-Spawns Pigails and Storm Wisps
-Contains gravel patches, flowers, electric vines and mushrooms.

electric swamp

Amethyst Meadow:

-Generates Amethyst spikes, Amethyst geodes, Wisteria Trees.

-Spawns Amethyst crawlers

-Generates Amethyst Sanctuaries

amethyst meadow

Amethyst Sanctuary:

-Can be found in the Amethyst Meadows
-Contains unique loot
-Spawns Amethyst Knights

-3 Variants: Hallways, Garden, Library

amethyst knights

The Void Titan:
-Boss mob
-Spawned by an Astral Altar.
-Has 4 Attacks:
   -Void Charge: Shoots a projectile that explodes on impact.
   -Firestorm: A hostile mob that shoots fireballs at the player.
   -Void Golems: A fyling hostile mob that attacks the player. Spawns an exploding Mine when it dies.
   -Void Worm Eggs: When they hatch Void Worms are spawned.
-Drops Gloomy Obsidian, Titan Helmet, Obsidian and Void gems.

void titan boss

To summon it first you have to locate a Void Egg. These structures can generate rarely in Amethyst Meadows, Lunar Spikes and Astral Badlands.


Every Void Egg contains a Void Portal on top of it.

Place a Void Pillar above the portal, then place an Astral Altar on top of the Pillar.

After you place the Altar the Void Titan will appear with a huge explosion very soon...

Void Pillar Recipe

Astral Altar Recipe

Astral Badlands:
-Contains dead bushes, Astral Gold Ore, Small cacti & Fiery cacti
-Generates Glowstone craters, Red Sandstone towers, Mineshafts.
the astral badlands

Sludgy Wasteland:

-Spawns Ghost Jellyfish, Void Centipedes.

-Generates Fossiles, Tormented Trees, White Pumpkins, Tormented Mansions
sludgy wasteland

Faded Islands:
-Contains floating islands made out of Faded Stone
-Generates Faded Fortresses, Infested Cathedrals
-Contains sand patches, Lush Bulbs, Lush Bushes, Faded spikes

-Spawns Void centipedes

faded islands

Faded Fortress:

Faded fortresses are floating structures generating in Faded Islands biomes.

The structure is inhabited by Slurkers.

6 Shade Chests can be found here each containing some pretty cool loot.

screenshot image

screenshot image

Blooming Dread blocks can be found in these chests.

These can be used to grow 3 seeds found in structures across the Astral dimension.

screenshot image

Lava Wells contain Red Chilli Seeds:

Red Chilli seeds are used to grow Red Chilli that when eaten, inflict Fire Trail effect.

screenshot image

screenshot image

Tormented Mansions contain Ghoulish Seeds:

Ghoulish seeds are used to grow Saturation Berries that when eaten, inflict Saturation and Weakness effect.

screenshot image

screenshot image

Lunar Base Ruins contain Lunar Beetroot Seeds:

Lunar Beetroot Seeds are used to grow Lunar Beetroots that when eaten highlights nearby mobs with glowing effect.

screenshot image

screenshot image

Infested Cathedral:

Can be found in the Faded Islands biome.

Visit this place after you defeat the Void Titan.

This mysterious structure holds a dark secret within.

screenshot image

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Modification files
Astral_1.5.jar - The newest 1.19.2 release of the mod. Requires geckolibUploaded on: 07/18/2023 - 09:30   File size: 5.91 MB
Astral_1.5.1_1.18.2.jar - The newest 1.18.2 release of the mod. Requires geckolibUploaded on: 08/08/2023 - 14:08   File size: 6 MB
Astral_1.5_1.18.2.jar - 1.5 release of the mod for 1.18.2 . Requires geckolibUploaded on: 07/31/2023 - 17:54   File size: 5.92 MB

+Lunar Spikes Biome:
-New biome composed of Lunar Soil and Moonstone
-Generates Moonfoam, Large & Small Solar Shrub patches, Void Eggs, Small & Large Lunar Spikes and Lunar Base Ruins
-Spawns Ghost Jellyfishes, Void Centipedes
+Lunar Base Ruins:
-Contains Chests
-Currently lacking of any mobs...
-Very basic structure made out of Moonstone, Moonstone Bricks and Glass
+Solar Shrubs:
-Has 2 variants: Normal and Large
-Can be smelted into orange dye
-Small one glows, Large variant emits light
-Spawns in Lunar Spikes Biomes
-Crafting it with Moonstone Bricks creates Solar Moonstone Bricks
+Lunar Soil:
-Can be smelted into Glass
-Gravity-affected block
-Found in Lunar Spike biomes
-Found in Lunar Spike biomes
-Can be crafted into Moonstone Bricks
+Moonstone Bricks, Stairs, Slab, Wall
-Gets destroyed when an entity collides with this block.
-Drops Moon Bubbles when mined
+Electric Swamp Hut:
-New structure found in Electric Swamps
+Astranite Cauldron:
-Crafted by 7 Astranite Ingot and a Soul Block
-Can also be found in Electric Swamp Huts
-Used to apply Patterns to Jelly Glass Blocks
-There are 4 different patterns: Flower, Pillar, Portal, Present
+Sticky Porkchop:
-Obtained from Pigails
-Can be smelted into Porkchop
-Inflicts Slowness, Poison and Nausea when eaten
-Added Stripped Luminous, Soggy, Tormented and Wisteria Logs and Woods.
-Can be obtained by using an axe on a log respectively.
-New flower
-Can be crafted into red dye
-Spawns in Electric Swamp biomes
+Clematis crispa:
-New 2 block tall flower
-Can be crafted into pink dye
-Spawns in Electric Swamp biomes
+Huge Void Mushroom:
-Generates in Electric Swamp, Sludgy Wasteland and Faded Islands biomes
-Consists of Void Mushroom and Void Mushroom Stem Blocks
+Void Mushroom Block, Void Mushroom Stem:
-Can be found as part of Huge Void Mushrooms
-Will be craftable in the next update i forgot to add the recipe 
+Red Chilli Seeds:
-These seeds can only be obtained from Lava wells in both Fiery Forest biomes
-Can only be planted on Blooming Dread blocks
-Blooming Dread blocks can be obtained from Faded Fortress chests
-Used to grow Red Chilli and Red chilli seeds.
+Red Chilli:
-Food item that can be eaten by the player.
-Inflicts Fire Trail effect when consumed.
+Lunar Beetroot Seeds:
-These seeds can only be obtained from Lunar Base Ruins in Lunar Spike biomes
-Can only be planted on Blooming Dread blocks
-Blooming Dread blocks can be obtained from Faded Fortress chests
-Used to grow Lunar Beetroot and Lunar Beetroot seeds.
+Lunar Beetroot:
-Food item that can be eaten by the player.
-Causes nearby entities to glow
+Ghoulish Seeds:
-These seeds can only be obtained from Tormented Mansions in Sludgy Wasteland biomes
-Can only be planted on Blooming Dread blocks
-Blooming Dread blocks can be obtained from Faded Fortress chests
-Used to grow Berry Of Saturation and Ghoulish seeds.
+Berry Of Saturation:
-Food item that can be eaten by the player.
-Inflicts Saturation and Weakness effect when consumed.
+Titan Sentry:
-Replaces Shulkers in Infested Cathedrals
-Hostile mob that can't move
-Shoots Void projectiles at the player
-Doesn't despawn
+Fried Zombie:
Hostile mob
-Has 20 HP
-Spawns with Blaze daggers
-Sets the player on fire
-Drops Rotten Flesh, Carrots, Coal and Fiery Mushrooms
-Spawns at night between 17843 to 23000 ticks in Fiery Forests, Fiery Birch Forests and Astral Badlands
+Blaze Dagger:
-Can be obtained from Fried Zombies
-Sets entities on fire
-Can be repaired at an anvil using Burning Shards
+Fiery Birch Log:
-Used to to create Luminous Planks
-Can be found as part of Fiery Birch trees
-A new oddly looking 64x64 painting has been added
-Several features were added, but they weren't ready yet so they can only be obtained through commands.
-Birch Logs are replaced with Fiery Birch Logs in Fiery Birch Forests
-Sand blobs in Faded Islands are replaced with Lunar Soil
-Many textures have been changed :O
-The player no longer needs to wear all of the Harsh Leather armor pieces to be immune to Void liquid.
Void Titan:
Healing Totem attack is replaced with a new Firestorm attack
-When summoning Void Worms eggs, one of the eggs have a chance to appear as a Firestorm Egg
-After 11 seconds the egg will hatch and a Firestorm mob appears thats shoots fireballs at the player.
-If the egg is broken before 11 seconds, the Firestorm mob won't appear
-This mob has 80 HP

The mod looks really nice! While some of the block textures do look a bit bland, (like the portal blocks for instance,) the genuine concept and idea behind the mod is really really well done! I can't wait to see where this goes in the future!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

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