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To access the Astral dimension you need to build the Astral Portal. The portal is built like the nether portal, but instead of obsidian you need at least 10 Glowing Obsidian and it can be activated with a Steel and Dust.

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The dimension contains 10 new biomes:

Lunar Spikes:
-New biome composed of Lunar Soil and Moonstone
-Generates Moonfoam, Large & Small Solar Shrub patches, Void Eggs, Small & Large Lunar Spikes and Lunar Base Ruins
-Spawns Ghost Jellyfishes and Void Centipedes

Jelly Glass:

Jelly Glass is a special type of glass, having an unique texture and can be obtained when broken without silk touch. To craft one, first you have to find a Ghost Jellyfish. These mobs spawn in Sludgy Wastelands, Dead Coral Reefs and Lunar Spikes.

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They drop Ghost Jelly which is a key item to create Jelly Glass. You will also need 1 Colored Stained Glass.

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But that's not all! If you craft or find an Astranite Cauldron, you can apply patterns to these blocks. Currently, there are 4 Patterns: Pillar, Present, Flower and Portal. 1 Astranite Cauldron is always present within an Electric Swamp Hut.

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Fiery Forest:

-Generates Luminous Trees, Lava Wells, Huge Fiery Mushrooms and Amethyst Sanctuaries.

-Spawns Magma Cubes, Fiery Hummingbirds and Fiery Cows.

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Fiery Birch Forest:
-Generates fiery birch trees, fiery bushes and Amethyst Sanctuaries.
-Spawns Fiery Cows, Fiery Hummingbirds and Magma Cubes

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Dead Coral Reef

 -Generates Amethyst Sanctuaries.
-Spawns bonefishes at night
-Contains dead corals, dead seageass, dead kelp and soul themed blocks

 Electric Swamp:

-Generates Electric trees, Fossils, Huge Mushrooms and Oak trees
-Spawns Pigails, Frogs and Storm Wisps
-Contains gravel patches, flowers, electric vines and mushrooms

Faded Electric Swamp:
-Floor is made out of Electrified Moss and Lunar Soil
-Faded Spikes, Floating Islands, Faded Fortresses generate here
-Pigails and Frogs can spawn here naturally.

Amethyst Meadow:

-Generates Amethyst spikes, Amethyst geodes, Wisteria Trees

-Spawns Amethyst crawlers

-Generates Amethyst Sanctuaries

Amethyst Sanctuary:

-Can be found in the Amethyst Meadows
-Contains unique loot
-Spawns Amethyst Knights

-Amethyst Knights can be killed by deactivating the 4 Postrum Eyes with an Astral Eye.

-3 Variants: Hallways, Garden, Library

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Backpacks have 16 inventory slots that can store items up to a stack of 16.

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Harsh Backpacks have 24 inventory slots that can store items up to a stack of 32. Also, they don't burn in lava and fire.

The Void Titan:
-Boss mob
-Spawned by an Astral Altar
-Has 4 Attacks:
   -Void Charge: Shoots a projectile that explodes on impact.
   -Healing Totem: A hostile mob that heals the Titan and shoots fireballs at the player.
   -Void Golems: A fyling hostile mob that attacks the player. Spawns an exploding Mine when it dies.
   -Void Worm Eggs: When they hatch Void Worms are spawned.
-Drops Gloomy Obsidian, Titan Helmet, Obsidian and Void gems.

To summon it first you have to locate a Void Egg. These structures can generate rarely in Amethyst Meadows, Lunar Spikes and Astral Badlands.

Every Void Egg contains a Void Portal on top of it.

Place a Void Pillar above the portal, then place an Astral Altar on top of the Pillar.

After you place the Altar the Void Titan will appear with a huge explosion very soon...

Astral Badlands:
-Contains dead bushes, Astral Gold Ore, Small cacti & Fiery cacti
-Generates Glowstone craters, Red Sandstone towers, Mineshafts

Sludgy Wasteland:

-Spawns Ghost Jellyfish, Void Centipedes.

-Generates Fossiles, Tormented Trees, White Pumpkins, Tormented Mansions

-Visit this place after you defeat the Void Titan.

-The mansion holds a dark secret within.

Faded Fortress:

Faded fortresses are floating structures generating in Faded Islands biomes.

The structure is inhabited by Slurkers.

6 Shade Chests can be found here each containing some pretty cool loot.

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screenshot image

Blooming Dread blocks can be found in these chests.

These can be used to grow 3 seeds found in structures across the Astral dimension.

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Lava Wells contain Red Chilli Seeds:

Red Chilli seeds are used to grow Red Chilli that when eaten, inflict Fire Trail effect.

Lava well

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Tormented Mansions contain Ghoulish Seeds:

Ghoulish seeds are used to grow Saturation Berries that when eaten, inflict Saturation and Weakness effect.

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Lunar Base Ruins contain Lunar Beetroot Seeds:

Lunar Beetroot Seeds are used to grow Lunar Beetroots that when eaten highlights nearby mobs with glowing effect.

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screenshot image

You can also bake some fancy cakes using these magical crops. These have 5 slices, each slice restores 2 hunger and applies potion effects.

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screenshot image

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Modification files
Astral_1.7_1.20.4_NeoForge.jar - The newest 1.20.4 NeoForge release of the mod.Uploaded on: 07/20/2024 - 18:28   File size: 8.3 MB
Astral_1.7_1.18.2.jar - The newest 1.18.2 Forge release of the mod.Uploaded on: 07/20/2024 - 18:26   File size: 8.48 MB
Astral_1.7_1.19.2.jar - The newest 1.19.2 Forge release of the mod.Uploaded on: 07/20/2024 - 18:27   File size: 8.39 MB
Astral_1.7_1.20.1.jar - The newest 1.20.1 Forge release of the mod.Uploaded on: 07/20/2024 - 18:27   File size: 8.35 MB

-Boss mob
-Has 720 HP
-Can be summoned by filling an Empty Postrum Cell with the Apocalyptic Bowl
-Currently has 2 Attacks
-Melee attack - 12 damage
-Spark Ring attack - The Jailor shoots deadly Spark Rings at the player
-TNT attack -Summons 4 Postrum TNT around itself
-Only does it when its in fury mode
-The Jailor can teleport during his boss fight
-Drops an Astranite Cage upon death. When the Cage is broken it drops Postrum Orbs and Astranite Ingots.
-You can damage the Jailor by right-clicking on him with an Astral Eye. After damaging him he will receive the Fury effect and he spawns mobs,
such as Flamethrowers, Scourges, Smash Beetles etc. As long as the Fury effect is on the Jailor
you can't attack him with an Astral Eye. The Fury effect grants him more resistance and regeneration for 30 seconds.
+Villager Capture Pod:
-Adult villagers can be captured
-When captured, the Villager will lose its profession, name, inventory items
-Villagers can only be summoned in plains, deserts, taigas and its variants,
jungles, savannas, swamps, snowy plains and ice spikes
-Can be crafted using 4 Astranite Ingots, 4 Postrum Orbs and an Emerald Block
+Pyrite Lunar Fields:
-Contains Pyrite Blobs, Moonfoam, Postrum Meteorites, Pyrite Crypts and Solar Nests
-Floor is made out of Lunar Soil and Moonstone
-Void Centipedes spawn here
-Generates in Pyrite Lunar Fields
-Can be rotated similarly to logs
+Pyrite Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Polished Pyrite Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Pyrite Brick Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Cracked Pyrite Bricks, Chiseled Pyrite Bricks
+Pyrite Treasury:
-Can be found in Pyrite Crypts
-Contains the Pyrite Heart
-Can be opened using 64 Pyrite Coin
+Pyrite Cluster:
-Generates in Pyrite Lunar Fields on top of Pyrite
+Pyrite Potato:
-Can be crafted by 8 Pyrite Cluster and a Potato
-Inflicts Night Vision and Mining Fatigue when consumed
+Pyrite Coin:
-Can be crafted by 4 Pyrite and a Pyrite Cluster
+Pyrite Heart:
-Obtained by unlocking the Pyrite Treasury found in Pyrite Crypts
-Using an Astral Amulet while the player is holding a Pyrite Heart in the off-hand slot
inflicts Instant Health effect
-83 durability
+Pyrite Crypt:
-Underground Structure
-Contains a Pyrite Treasury
-Is inhabited by Keepers
+Postrum Meteorite:
-Consists of Faded Stone, Postrum, Magma Blocks and Dead Postrum
-Generates in Fiery Forests, Fiery Birch Forests, Sludgy Wastelands, Lunar Spikes, Pyrite Lunar Fields, Astral Badlands
and Amethyst Meadows
+Fatal Shroom:
-Spawns underground during midnight until the sun rises
-Hostile mob
-Has 32 HP
-Its melee attack deals 6 damage
-Can shoot bacteria and thorn spikes
-Bacteria inflict Hunger effect
-Thorn spikes inflict Thorny effect
-Drops Void Mushroom, Void Mushroom Stem and can rarely drop Harsh Bean Seeds
+Thorny effect:
-Deals damage when jumping
+Harsh Bean Seeds:
-Can be planted on a Blooming Dread block
+Harsh Beans:
-Inflicts Health Boost effect when eaten
+Poked Bean:
-Made with a Void Fang and Harsh Beans
-Can be used to brew Thorny potions
+Solar Hornet:
-Flying hostile mob
-Has 40 HP
-Its melee attack deals 6 damage
-Has a charge attack - The Solar Hornet quickly flies towards the player.
-Spawns in Lunar Base Ruins and Solar Nests
-Drops Solar Sting and Solar Membrane
+Solar Sting:
-An item obtained from killing Solar Hornets
-Can be used to brew Poison Resistance potions
+Poison Resistance:
-Grants immunity against poison
+Solar Membrane:
-Can be used to brew Flight potions
+Solar Pulp:
-An item made by smelting Solar Shrubs in a Furnace.
+Solar Pulp Block:
-Can be crafted using 4 Solar Pulp
-Serves as decoration
+Solar Nest:
-Mostly made of Solar Pulp blocks
-Generates in Lunar Spikes and Pyrite Lunar Fields
-Contains one Solar Hornet Spawner
-Hostile underground mob
-Spawns near Harsh Soil
-Has bad sight
-Has 40 HP
-Inflicts 7 melee damage
-Drops 0-2 Night Skin
-Flying hostile mob
-Spawns in the Astral dimension

-Shoots Void Charges
-Has 38 HP
-Drops Harsh Vines, Void Mycelium and Void Charges
+Void Charge:
-Ranged weapon that inflicts Wounded effect and removes Flight effect
+Wounded effect:
-Inflicts Blindness and Weakness when touched by Void Liquid and Void Mushrooms
+Night Skin:
-Can be used to craft Pajama
-Inflicts Health Boost and Regeneration when the Player sleeps with full Pajama
-Passive mob
-Is immune to fire and lava
-Spawns in Fiery Forests and Fiery Birch Forests
-When sheared, megvins give a Magma Feather
-Drops 0-3 Magma Feather upon death
+Magma Feather:
-Can be used to craft Magma Wings
+Magma Wings:
-Made with 3 Postrum Orb, a Nether Star and 4 Magma Feathers
-Grants the Player the ability to fly in survival mode
+Flight effect:
-The Player can fly when equipped with Magma Wings
+Corrupted Outer Debris Block:
-Can be found underground near Void Mycelium
-Glows in the dark
-Can be cured with a Void Eater
-Cannot be obtained in Survival Mode
+Outer Debris Block:
-Can be obtained by curing the corrupted variant
-Can be crafted using 4 Outer Debris
-Drops 2-4 Outer Debris when mined without Silk Touch
+Debris Pane:
-Can be opened using a Void Eater
-Closes after 30 seconds
-Can be crafted using 3 Outer Debris Block, 2 Void Grids and a Faded Star
+Dragon Statue:
-Disables the spawning of Void Centipedes, Void Menace and Fatal Shrooms within 300 block radius
-Can be created using a Faded Lantern, Outer Debris Block, White Pumpkin and a Void Shard
+Harsh Soil:
-Can be found underground
-Plants can sustain on this block
+Crystallized Moonstone:
-Can be crafted using an Amethyst Shard and one Moonstone
-Serves as decoration
+Magma Puffball:
-Can be found underground near Harsh Soil in Fiery Forests, Fiery Birch Forests and Astral Badlands
-Can be ignited using Flint and Steel
-Places lava when it explodes
+Ginger Roots:
-Can be found underground near Harsh Soil
+Carrot Ginger Soup:
-Can be eaten to restore 5 hunger points and 0.7 saturation
-Made using a Bowl, Carrot, an Apple and 2 Ginger Roots
+Chili Beans:
-Can be eaten to restore 6 hunger points and 0.8 saturation
-Made using a Bowl, Red Chili, a Cooked Porkchop and 2 Harsh Beans
-Made with 6 Dead Postrum, 2 Burning Shards and a Magma Puffball
-Right clicking on it with Magma Cream will set adult Pigs, Cows, Chickens and Sheeps on fire in a 20 block radius
-Its range can be increased using Coal Blocks
+Amethyst Eye:
-Can be crafted using 4 Broken Amethyst Shards and an Astral Eye
-Postrum Cells can only be damaged by using an Amethyst Eye
+Amethyst Eye Block:
-Generates in Amethyst Sanctuaries near the Postrum Cell
+Polished Astral Stone Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Astral Marble Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Moonstone Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Harsh Stone Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Polished Moonstone Stairs, Slab, Wall
+Cracked Harsh Stone Bricks
+Soggy Bookshelf:
-Crafted using 6 Soggy Planks and 3 Books
+Wisteria Bookshelf:
-Crafted using 6 Wisteria Planks and 3 Books
+New advancements:
Break Through:
-Defeat the Jailor
Ancient Trove:
-Damage a Postrum Cell using an Amethyst Eye
-Capture a Villager...
Royal Treasure:
-Obtain a Pyrite Heart
Amethyst Sanctuary:
-Changed layout:
-Has an entrance
-Contains a Postrum Cell
-Contains 2 more chests
-Has a Zombie Spawner inside
Amethyst Sanctuary Library:
-Became more common
-Has a Silverfish Spawner inside
Amethyst Sanctuary Garden:
-Has a Skeleton Spawner inside
Infested Cathedral:
-Merged with the Tormented Mansion
Tormented Mansion:
-Contains the Final Boss Chamber
-Has one Mending Book in the Basement
-Replaced Red Nether Bricks with Sludge Bricks
Astral Amulet:
-Obtained by killing the Void Visage
Backpack, Harsh Backpack:
-When the Player drops the Backpack, the items inside it will be gone
Astral Marble Dungeons can generate naturally again
-Can now be /located
-Is now marked by a small marble pillar
-Can be found underground
Volcanic Postrum Reef:
Faded Islands:
Astral Portal:
-Changed texture
Infernal Monument:
Faded Temple:
-No longer contains a Postrum Cell
-Spawns an Ender Dragon Statue
Sun Pillar, Burning Orb, Fiery Roots, Soggy Sapling, Astranite Ingot, Void Gem,
Block, Pillar, Ore:
-Changed textures
Sunmoss Stone:
-Fire burns indefinitely on top of Sunmoss Stone
-Turns into Astral Stone if a solid block is placed over it

Crystallized Astral Stone:

-Can be crafted using an Amethyst Shard and an Astral Stone
Totem of Decay:
-Reduced cooldown from 10 to 5 seconds
-Increased poison damage
-Increased durability from 52 to 84
-Removes Poison Resistance from targets
Electric Vines:
-Can grow up to only 4 blocks tall
-Became more common
Water now kills entities when Electric Moss is below it
Withering Void Liquid, Void Mushroom:
-No longer applies Blindness effect to players in Creative mode
Postrum Cell:
-Can be damaged by using an Amethyst Eye instead of an Astral Eye
Void Titan:
-The Titan is healing when there is a Void Golem nearby in a 60x60 radius
-Drops 200 XP instead of 160
Void Visage:
-Slightly changed its texture
-Emits last fragment particles when killed
-Turns into the defeated Void Titan upon defeat
-Drops the Astral Amulet
Zombie Horse:
-Spawns in Sludgy Wastelands
Void Centipede:
-Attacks Zombie Horses
Storm Wisp:
-Changed texture
Magma Blossom:
-No longer replaceable
Twisted Coral:
-No longer emits light
-Generates in Astral Badlands
Glowstone Crater:
Moonstone Bricks:
-Can be crafted using 4 Polished Moonstone instead of 4 Moonstone
Staff of Levitation and Elite Bubble Blower:
-Fixed cooldown
Changed water, foliage and grass color in almost all biomes

I have an astral dimension in my unreleased mod...
How long has this been in development? Mine has been in development for over a year and a half.