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Published by wadihw on Sun, 09/22/2019 - 01:29
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Recommended using a recipe mod as we do not have a crafting book or recipe wiki.

1.14.4 update has been put on hold. But will be out soon.

Welcome to bloodcraft, This mod adds 2 new dimensions, 2 new biomes, 2 new bosses, 3 mini-bosses, new sounds, and music a bunch of brand new items, weapons, and new tools. Your ultimate goal in this mod is to kill herobrine in the dark Forest dimension but first, you must travel to the blood dimension to kill and stop the evil all-seeing boss from respawning the dead. You must scavenge and find the best armor, tools, and weapons to kill this monster. You will encounter several other small bosses along the way and you have to kill them to get their tools and materials that they drop. Bloodcraft is about getting the best tools possible and killing Minecraft's worst enemy herobrine. Good luck!


All-seeing: spawns in a tower-like building in the blood dimension.

Herobrine: spawns anywhere in the dark Forest dimension. He is very hard to find. Music will play when you are close to him.


Join our discord server to get support with whatever you are having trouble with, we will try to help as best as we can. discord server members will also now get early access to a beta version before it comes out


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Ok, This update did not add much but the recipe book support took way longer than expected. and still not perfect.
Please report bugs you find with this update.
+Added recipe book support (WIP)
-Fixed corrupted mummy not dropping corrupted essences
+Other minor improvements

we are a team working on this mod for fun enjoy and tell us what we should add next and bugs you find 1.0 will not be coming out until we get all of the bugs