BloodCraft 5

Published by wadihw on Sun, 09/22/2019 - 01:29
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Info: Bloodcraft 5 is about getting the best gear possible and going to the blood dimension to fight the all-seeing boss. This mod adds some new items and op weapons, new mobs,5 new bosses, 2 new worlds, and two New biomes. This mod can be difficult at times but once you get all the tools necessary you will be able to kill anything in the game and be the strongest. you can give us your feedback and maybe will add your item or mob to the mod. you can keep up with the new updates on the BloodCraft Facebook team website. Also if you do find any bugs please do report them in the comments. This has 380+ Mod elements and growing.

See our website for more mods like this one and Basics Wiki Team Website:


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Project members
Lead developer
Model designer
Model designer
Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Bloodcraft 1.15.2 1.8.1 Part 1.jar - Bloodcraft 1.15.2 1.8.1 Part 15.18 MB
Bloodcraft 1.14.4 1.8.1 Part 1.jar - Bloodcraft 1.14.4 1.8.1 Part 15.18 MB
Bloodcraft 5 1.12.2 - Bloodcraft 5 1.12.2 MB

Bloodcraft 5 1.8.1 part 1 changelog

+Replaced BloodCell with BloodCrystal

+Changed Hardened Blood texture 

+Chnaged Bloodcreeper movement speed 

+Chnaged Bloodzomblie movement speed 

+Added Empty Crystal

+Added Empty Crystal ore

+Added fixed some ore spawn chance of some ores

+Added Blood Crystal

+Added Blood Crystal recipe 

+Dry blood is now obtainable in survival  

+Bloodfuster GUI has now been given an icon
+Bloodoak has been retextured

+Start blood sword has been retextured

+Blood armor has been retextured
And some other minor bug fixes 

More items, biomes, weapons coming soon...




we are a team working on this mod for fun enjoy and tell us what we should add next and bugs you find 1.0 will not be coming out until we get all of the bugs