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Definitely not been done probably thousands of times before.

I mean, what? Anyway, welcome to my new biomes mod, called Biomania, a mod which aims to keep the vanilla atmosphere while adding several new biomes. 
Nothing special, i'll just put each of the biomes below:

(Smaller rarity = rarer)

- Dense forest
- Wolves only non-hostile mob that spawns
- Rarity: 10 

Tall Woodland
- Same as woodland but with tall trees
- Rarity: 6

- Plains
- Has caves underneath the surface
- All normal monsters + cave spiders instead of spiders
- Rarity: 7

- Dark grass
- No friendly mobs except for Zombie and Skeleton horses
- Rarity: 3

- Self-explanatory - plains with lots of flowers
- Rarity: 10

Stone Wasteland
- Stone terrain
- Stone spikes
- Rarity: 8

Crimson Grove
- Red grass, sky & water
- Only entities are Zombies, Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, Wandering Eyes and Crimson Cows
- Rarity: 3

Mushroom Grove
- Normal forest with giant mushrooms
- Rarity: 6

Frozen Peaks
- Huge icy mountains
- Only husks spawn here
- Rarity: 5

Glacial Hills
- Hilly icy biomes
- Only strays and rabbits spawn here
- Rarity: 7

Guardian Lake
- Only guardians spawn
- Rarity: 2

Tropical Lakes
- Part ocean, part swamp, part jungle
- Rarity: 6

- Ghouls, Ghosts, Vexes and ordinary hostile mobs spawn here
- Rarity: 4

Mystic Grasslands
- Purple grasslands with a few trees and crystals
- Illusioners and Evokers spawn
- Rarity: 1

New Items:
- Retinal Arteries - Dropped by Wandering Eyes
- Ocular Disc - Rare drop from Wandering Eyes
- Enchanted Ocular Disc - Crafted from ocular disc, 4 diamonds, 4 retinal arteries. Gives night vision when in inventory
- Ghoul cloth - can craft armour
- Ghoul armour - if wearing full set, you recieve strength and invisibility. Armour is better than leather but worse than everything else.
- Ectoplasm - Can be used as fuel, better than coal and blaze rods

New Mobs:
Wandering Eye
- Hostile
- 50% chance to drop retinal arteries, 5% to drop ocular disc
- 8 health
- Can't swim
- Restricts sun
- Spawns in Crimson Grove
Crimson Cow
- Passive
- Just like a cow
- Hostile
- Drops undead cloth
- 24 health
- Restricts sun
- Spawns in the Deadlands
- Hostile
- Drops ectoplasm & undead cloth
- 20 health
- Restricts sun
- Spawns in the Deadlands

Modification files
Biomania 1.0.jar - V1.0Uploaded on: 02/27/2018 - 22:17   File size: 932.38 KB
Biomania 1.1.jar - V1.1 Addresses several small issuesUploaded on: 02/28/2018 - 16:49   File size: 404.48 KB

Biomania version 1.1:

- Mystical Crystals now have light

- Stone wasteland spikes no longer spawn on water

- Certain biome rarities have been changed

- Ench. Ocular Disc texture has been tweaked slightly

- Creative tab icon has been changed

Wow, that's a lot! Seems like a wonderful mod, hope I find a way to download LOL! Keep up the good work

How did you make the mobs? When creating a model in Techne, I have a problem: Techne reports crash, and so it always is.

Ghost is a biped model, ghoul is a zombie model, crimson cow is a cow model, and wandering eye is a creeper model ;) Also its worth noting that techne is basically dead and not supported anymore.