The Corruption Leaks

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Hello There, Adventurer. Have you ever wondered? What happens after the ender dragon dies? after its Death the universe is free from her curse allowing the ender men to be free. But what if I told You. That wasn't the end. Get your armor and tools as we leap into the corrupted dimension. Minecraft is being overrun by a glitch with flesh and corruption. It is up to you to craft your sword of the waves and explode this madness with new tnt. or manually dig it all up. 






How To Beat The Mod: Get good armor, Create a portal bench, Make a villager work for it, Build a crying obsidian nether portal from the blocks the villager gave you, use paradot that can come from a better villager level, explore the dimension and fight, Craft the legendary sword of waves.



  • Made By The Derpy Ocean Cat

  • Will Be Updated When We Hit 30 Downloads.

Modification files
minecraft_the_corruption_leaks-1.0.0-forge-1.20.1 .jar - The Corruption Leaks Download (OLD)Uploaded on: 06/01/2024 - 00:56   File size: 359.11 KB
minecraft_the_corruption_leaks 2 -1.0.0-forge-1.20.1.jar - The Corruption Leaks (UPDATE)Uploaded on: 06/21/2024 - 01:53   File size: 3.03 MB

Update At 30 Downloads.