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By NotSoNinja

Dungeons+ is a modification which is focused on adding new structures / bosses / items / dimensions and more to Minecraft. Currently developed by a single person - NotSoNinja. Each update of this mod will have it's own specific theme. The mod adds new structures, mobs, items, blocks and weapons which you can find or craft in your world. 

The mod is currently Work in Progress, lots more to come!

Includes advancements and russian localization.

Modification files
DungeonsPlus 1.20.1 1.0.0.jar - 1.0.0Uploaded on: 09/25/2023 - 13:56   File size: 2.52 MB
DungeonsPlus 1.20.1 1.0.1.jar - 1.0.1 BugfixUploaded on: 09/26/2023 - 14:34   File size: 2.54 MB
DungeonsPlus 1.20.1 1.0.2.jar - 1.0.2Uploaded on: 09/27/2023 - 18:01   File size: 2.54 MB

v. 1.0.2

  • Buffed Clam spawning again
  • Slightly changed some daggers' stats
  • Made palm planks being able to be used for vanilla recipes (probably)
  • Changed Clam's display names in the russian localization

V. 1.0.1 

  • Fixed Archeology Table and Sailor Table not having textures
  • Fixed Palm trees spawning underwater in the beach biome (Also made it spawn less often)
  • Made Clam spawn a little more often in the beaches


  • New structure: Illager Pirate Ship, can be spawned in Ocean biomes.
  • New mob: Captain Illager
  • New Mob: Pirate Illager
  • New Mob: Clam
  • New Weapon: Dagger (Includes all 6 variants)
  • New Weapon: Pirate Cutlass
  • New Weapon: Captain Cutlass
  • New Music Disc: Sea Shanty
  • New Villager Profession: Archeologist (Use the Archeologist table as a job block)
  • New Villager Profession: Sailor (Use the Sailor table as a job block)
  • New Item: Pearl
  • New Item: Sea Guide
  • New Wood Type: Palm (Including sapling + every wood block, except for sings and boats)
  • 8 New Advancements

Minor Changes:

  • Weaponsmith can sell an iron dagger (Required "Journeyman" rank)