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This is a single player adventure mod that has you unlock portals when a specific Advancement has been accomplished. You will receive a scroll that has information on how to activate the portal. The 3 portals will take you to a Boss domain dimension. Right clicking the top block of the summon pillar will lead you to Boss Fight (except Muerte Azul). Defeating the boss will drop unique items for upgrading Armor, Weapons, and tools. A rare item for each boss is dropped but you will have to defeat the Boss multiple times to obtain them. Trophies will be given when right clicking the block that appears after defeating the boss. These Trophies will unlock skills for you after paying tribute to them with specific number of items. There are 3 skills and each one will require more items in tribute. Once all 3 Trophies are leveled up you have completed the adventure and will receive some epic items.

To be able to open the portals you need to gain the corresponding advancement

Monster Hunter = Zombert

Hired Help = Amethiron

Sniper Duel = Muerte Azul is a resource pack for the main menu panorama.

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