Just Enough Biomes

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Hello o/


I made a mod that adds a bunch of biomes. The mod is still in development, though it already has 16 new biomes to explore.

I tried to make those biomes simple but still looking nice and unique.

I will keep working on the mod. My goal is to add atleast 50 mods biomes.

A few examples of the biomes:

Forested mountians, Dried out plains, Mushroom fields, Cube Land, Mixed desert.


You are free to use the mod in your mod-packs. Though it would be nice to credit me, you can not do it!

However, i would ask to not upload the mod anywhere else except of in your modpacks/maps. Thanks.


Thats about it!

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Just Enough Biomes 1.16.5 (V1.0).jarUploaded on: 06/29/2021 - 12:04   File size: 878.12 KB

This mod is pretty good. Did you also use coding, or is it entirely with MCreator features?