Deep Dark Dimension

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Adds a deep dark dimension to the game along with other items to get there.

Features: Deep Dark Dimension, Ancient Portal structure, darkness potions and Enchantment, tools and armor crafted from echo shards, and much more!

Use with Minecraft 1.20.4 and NeoForge 20.4.233 or Minecraft 1.20.1 and Forge 47.2.0
Made possible with MCreator.

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Modification files
deep_dark-2.1.0 - NeoForge 20.4.223.jar - Deep Dark Dimension 2.1.0 for NeoForge 20.4.223Uploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 02:12   File size: 112.84 KB
deep_dark-2.1.0 - Forge 47.2.0.jar - Deep Dark Dimension 2.1.0 for Forge 47.2.0Uploaded on: 06/16/2024 - 02:13   File size: 114.02 KB

2.1.0 - Released to MCreator
Main Changes:
Updated to Minecraft 1.20.4(NeoForge only)
Switched to NeoForge 20.4.223(Forge is still available)
All Echoite tools and armor are now made in a smithing table with Echoite Ingots instead of the crafting table.
Echoite Tools no longer burn in fire.
Renamed all 'Echo' tools and armor to 'Echoite'
Renamed 'Echo and Steel' to 'Echoite and Steel'
Added Echoite Upgrade Smithing Template.
Replaced Echo Iron with Echoite Ingots which has a new texture and is made out of netherite and echo shards.
Changed the recipe of Echo and Steel to use Echoite Ingots.
Recreated the Ancient Portal. (Allows /locate)
Removed Mega Wardens.
Other Changes:
Added an advancement for obtaining an Echoite Ingot.
The Darkness Enchantment applies less time if on level 2.
Balanced the Wandering Trader's trades for the Echoite toolset changes.
Added Advancement for entering the Deep Dark Dimension.
Removed the "Deep Dark Dimension" creative tab and moved the said items to the default creative tabs.
Tweaked the Generation of Skulk Roses.
Tweaked the Wandering Trader's custom trades.
Removed the Advancements for leaving the Deep Dark Dimension.
Suspicious Stew with the Darkness effect now lasts 8 seconds(160 ticks) instead of 5(100 ticks).
Technical Changes:
Made registries more consistent.(WILL DELETE ITEMS IN OLD WORLDS)
Reworked Advancement order.
Recipes now properly unlock.
Removed unused localizations.

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