Peaceful Landscapes

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Peaceful Landscapes, is a dimension mod, that adds in a, fun and intresting dimension, known as the peaceful landscape. The realm, is full of intresting biomes and mobs, along with two new work stations. 

Midnight Cauldron: The midnight cauldron is made using the new moonite, it allows you to brew new potions, such as a quick return potion that teleports you to your spawn. it is made in the shape of a cauldren, but with moonite instead of iron.

Crystal Table: The crystal table is made using rainbow shards. It allows you to make crystals that boast your attack, speed, and jump height. It is made with 6 wood planks at the bottom two layers, purple carpet, in the middle slot of the top row, and a rainbow shard in the right corner of the top slot.

It also contains four new ores, Moonite, Duskite, Rainbow Shard, and Butterfly

Moonite: is used to create the midnight cauldron, and can only be mined with a moth pickaxe.

Duskite: is used to create moth, and butterfly pickaxes and can be mined by an iron pick, or stronger, it also can be turned into dust.

Rainbow Shard: is used to create the Cyrstal Table and can only be mined with a butterfly pickaxe.

Butterfly: is found in the overworld and is used to get to the dimension, when in the peaceful landscape, butterflys, and moths can be found on trees.

to get to the peaceful landscape, you make a portal out of butterfly blocks, and use a butterfly key to activate it.

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