(W.I.P)Unreachable Fantasy Mod(updated)

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unreachable fantasy mod(Still in development)

this mod is about 9 dimensions with special features.

every dimension has a lot of mobs, temples, biomes ect.


your goal in this mod

every dimension has a temple.

every temple has a boss.

every boss has a key.

in the overworld is a huge temple with 8 dimension related rooms.

every dimension related room has a part of a portal. 

and those rooms are locked with doors.

you have to get the keys to unlock the doors.

if you finished the portal you can go through the portal. 

and enter the darkest weirdest the most creepy and dangerous dimension:           the final dimension.

in the final dimension is the final boss in the final temple.

if You kill the Final boss

then You get a infinite Dungeons wand.

Then You are able to generate infinite Dungeons




this mod currently has 8 dimensions there are going to be 9.

these dimensions are in development.

the dimensions are:


rainbow dimension: the rainbow dimension is full of colored biomes like blue, red, yelow, green, purple ect.

it has colorfull mobs but they are really dangerous.


magical dimension: the magical dimension is a dimension with floating islands.

but these floating islands are different then you would expect them to be.

this dimension has some weird mobs you never have seen before.


the caves: the caves is a dimension full of stone.

it has a landscape with a really high reliëf.

the mobs in this dimension are weird too.

these mobs are based on stone and like to attack you.


fantasy: the fantasy dimension is a place with biomes you have never seen before.                       

A bit like nature gone wrong biomes.

mobs with a crazy theme.

and if you are lucky you may find an iluminati temple. 


the sky: the sky dimension is full of cloud blocks but has biomes that stick out of the clouds.

the mobs look like they came from heaven but aren't that friendly.


the galaxy: the galaxy is a dimension made out of layers.

you may find a biome that looks like the surface of earth, moon, mars and maybe planet x

some of the mobs are little planets other mobs will have an alien like theme.


war dimension: no info


down under: a new hell dimension that will generate in spirals and floating islands.

there are icy cubes inside the dimension that contains a icy themed nether.

there will be mobs like a big pigman or a big wither skeleton.


the final dimension(going to be added): a overworld like dimension that is harder then the overworld itself.


this mod adds a lot of blocks, mobs, items, biomes.   here is a list (some things that are on the list aren't in the early access)










rainbow diamond ore rainbow diamond light blue ice yeti     rainbow dimension acid   miniboss 1/death stone(updated) rainbow diamond sword  
rainbow diamond block plank blue stone puncher magical dimension upsidedown water   rainbow boss rainbow diamond pickaxe  
rainbow obsiddian bismuth ingot dark blue


ice yeti

the caves dimension

ice lava     rainbow diamond axe  
rainbow stone

chalcanthite inbot

purple rainbowinfected stone puncer fantasy dimension       rainbow diamond hoe  
magical blue dirt pargasite ingot pink butterfly sky dimension       rainbow diamond shovel  
magical blue grass quintinite ingot red pink rainbow watcher galaxy dimension       rainbow flint and steel  
magical blue stone vlasovite ingot red stone zombie up side down dimension        light blue torch  
magical stone brick kambaldaite ingot orange floating man down under (frozen hell dimension)       golden torch  
magical cobble stone iranite ingot yellow ice spike         green torch  
magical mossy stone brick boss piece light green walking cactus         white torch  
the caves portal frame frienly guard soul green color grab         dark blue torch  
fantasy portal frame rainbow key cyan stone crystal         pink torch  
fantasy stone magical key white cave crawler         rainbow bow  
trapped stone caves key black three headed creeper         rainbow sickle  
magical flower fantasy key blue magic jungle zombie         big rainbow diamond sword  
magical grass sky key the caves ice zombie         bismuth pickaxe  
magical log galaxy key big tree forest oak zombie         bismuth battle axe  
magical leaves rainbow coins cactus forest spruce zombie         Chalcanthite pickaxe  
magical planks magical coins huge half tree forest birch zombie         Chalcanthite spiked rod  
crate lvl1-10 caves coins frozen tree forest magical creature         Pargasite pickaxe  
cloud fantasy coins ice spikes cave walker         Pargasite hammer  
sky portal block sky coins big ice spikes little oak tree         Quintinite pickaxe  
bismuth ore galaxy coins jungle treetree forest little jungle tree         Quintinite sword  
chalcanthite ore magical apple the clouds little frozen tree         Kambaldaite pickaxe  
pargasite ore magical seeds skyisland little spruce tree         Kambaldaite sword  
quintinite ore Pargasite In Marble oak treetree forest little birch tree         Iranite pickaxe  
kambaldaite ore up side down coins spruce treetree forest little dead tree         Iranite sickle  
vlasovite ore hell coins birch treetree forest dead creeper         red torch  
temple stone Lequid Rainbow Coins treetree forest long legs            
temple stone brick Lequid Magical Coins roofed treetree forest small stone creeper            
chiseled stone brick Lequid Caves Coins huge tree forest floating eye            
temple siddian Lequid Fantasy Coins huge ice spikes temple guard lvl 1-4            
temple brick 2 Lequid Sky Coins roofed sky forest moon            
iranite ore Lequid Galaxy Coins small islands earth            
red magical grass Lequid Up Side Down Coins flying stone frienly guard    


red magical dirt Lequid Hell Coins the pillars flying shooter            
red magical stone beta apple the dead explosive walker            
realistic grass rainbow apple sky birch saturn            
realistic dirt real apple earth small spider            
realistic planks rainbow arrow the beta medium spider            
realistic log Petrified Vilager light forest huge spider            
realistic leaves Quintinite Rod sky plains rainbow minion            
beta grass frozen quartz rainy clouds realistic zombie            
beta dirt Icy Hell Brick sky desert icy emperor blaze            
beta log Up Side Down Key high yellow trees frozen slave            
beta leaves Frozen Hell Key light blue forest big frozen pigman            
temple floor   blue forest Icy Hell Brick Monster            
temple wall   dark blue forest frozen wither skeleton            
boss statue   purple forest emperor blaze            
space block   pink forest hell slave            
spaceship tech block   red pink forest hell pigman            
space portal frame   red forest hell brick monster            
space ship block   orange forest big wither skeleton            
white block   yellow forest angry tree            
white to black block   light green forest rainbow infected  walking cactus            
black block   green forest              
mossy cobble stone purple   cyan forest              
rainy cloud   black forest              
miniboss block   white forest              
temple door open/closed   spider forest              
rainbow boss spawn block   the highlands              
miniboss statue   the lowlands              
rainbowminion spawner   galaxy1-10              
upsidedown stone   the flats              
upsidedown stone   the stars              
upsidedown grass   the good side              
upsidedown dirt   the evil side              
upsidedown log   magic grass land              
upsidedown leaves   stone trees              
up side down portal block   rainbow forest              
rainbow leaves   moon              
rainbow log   mars              
rainbow planks   planet x              
moondust   sky high              
moonstone   in the sky              
mars dust   alien valley              
mars rock   huge flower forest              
planet x stone   ice mountains              
planet x pillar   sky jungle              
temple switch   sky village              
platform spawner   medusa forest              
magical plant   mordor              
rainbow cobblestone   frosted              
magical cobblestone   land of ......              
magical red cobblestone   colored deserts              
fantasy cobblestone                  
fantasy stone brick                  
Chiseled Fantasy Stone Brick                  
block of bismuth                  
Block Of Chalcanthite                  
Block Of Pargasite                  
Block Of Quintinite                  
Block Of Kambaldaite                  
Block Of Vlasovite                  
Block Of Iranite                  
Frosted Magma                  
frozen netherrack                  
frozen soulsand                  
frozen magma                  
blue fire                  
icy hell bricks                  
frozen quartz ore                  
frozen quatrz block                  
Frozen Quartz Pillar                  
Frozen Chiseled Quartz Block                  
statue's of everybody that helped                  
frosted barrier                  
colored sand                  
colored sandstone                  
colored logs                  
colored wooden planks                  
colored leaves                  
forest cactus                  
rainbow forest cactus                  

there are some people that helped/are helping me with this mod


name-------------------------------------------    their mods------------------------ their roles for the development
firebit chaotica           modeler, texturer 



sound editor



development follower
Der Freischütz valtoria mod modeler

The Rules of the Arcane


Intellectually Computational Gadgets: Rethought!

modeler, texturer
ShadowzWalker Heal craft detail guy
Enfys   LSC compat tester
asdsa   development follower
CNKManga   LSC compat tester
gigano   tester
Hariq   development follower
MrFurlex   tester
toto   development follower
TYprincejack223   development follower
UserofBricks   modeler
AlpheX   development follower




i don't know how to add pictures:(

and sometimes my english isn't that good


hey you there!!!

if you want to help me/test the mod/follow the development/request things  here is a link to my discord:)



next early access 50%

early access after that at 75%

release at 100%

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

removed a lot of buggs

the mod is more stabilized

removed herobrine

Submitted by Warrior_M on Wed, 10/24/2018 - 13:18

I am very curious about what will happen next to this mod. This mod looks amazing by the pictures.

first thank you
there are going to be 3 more dimensions with special features.
there are going to be huuuuugeeeee temples. the first 2 are under construction
i am going to do things with the new ores.
a lot of biomes, mobs, blocks, and functions are going to be added. (i got to expand the size of the list)

Submitted by AOCAWOL on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 01:46

wow interesting mod! Nice job :D

One criticism. the textures on some of the mobs seem too stretched, are you using "to nearest neighbour" when resizing?