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NOTE: NEW UPDATE IS OUT! This is the last update that I will be making to the mod before my "retirement". Saplings work now! Additionally, some of the trees now have their own unique schematics, so they don't all look like oaks anymore.

This mod is meant to expand the selection of wood variants in Minecraft by adding a new set of naturally colored woods that blend in well to the 6 vanilla species.

There are no bizarre colors like bright pink, blue, or neon purple: the colors are meant to mimic real woods and trees. Each species includes a log, planks, leaves, and sapling. Additionally, 9 of each new wood type, as well as the 6 vanilla types and homogenized wood plank (made from 1 wood plank of each of the 6 vanilla woods) can be crafted into reinforced wood planks, which can be used as compact storage of wood, or a tougher building blocks.

Each of the 9 types of tree introduced are found in their own biome, but these biomes do not exist naturally in the Overworld, but rather, in their own dimension. This dimension can be accessed by stepping through a portal made of reinforced homogenized wood planks. The portal is lit with a riftcutter- a dagger that can be crafted with a blaze rod, 2 gold ingots, an iron ingot, and an eye of ender.


The saplings in this mod can be placed like blocks, but they will not randomly grow into trees like the vanilla species. You HAVE to use bonemeal (technically any  kind of dye) to make them grow.


All of the new trees are based on actual species:

Gen. 1 Trees- These are the original 9 species of wood from when the mod first came out:


Beech- very light pinkish-yellow wood. Very smooth greyish-blue bark. Found in the Beech Forest biome

Black Cherry- Dark brownish-red wood. Rough grey bark with a slight pinkish hue. Found in the Black Forest biome

Greenheart- Yellowish-green and green alternating wood. Smooth brown bark with green patches. Found in the Green Jungle biome

Hawthorn- yellow and pale orange-yellow alternating wood. Rough grey bark that will damage you when mined. Found in the Brambleyard biome

Hickory- pale golden colored wood. Ragged brown bark. Found in the Hickory Woodlot biome

Lignum Vitae (Tree of Life)- very dark brown and blackish-brown alternating wood. Smooth multicolored bark. Found in the Eden biome

False Lignum Vitae (based on real-life Verawood)-Wood is a lighter color varient of true lignum vitae. Bark has the same look as true lignum vitae, but is entirely brown. Found in the False Eden biome

Mahogany- rusty brown wood. Smooth brown bark. Found in the Mahogany Rainforest biome

Rengas- Darker greyish-pink wood. Rather smooth grey bark with spots of green and red. Found in the Red jungle biome


Gen 2 Trees- These are the new species introduced in version 1.2.0:

Amaranth- Greyish-purple planks. rough, pale, tanish colored bark. Found in the Purple Jungle

Bloodwood- blood-red colored planks. Bark is dark greenish brown. The heartwood is oak-like, but has blood-like sap near the bark. Found in the Forest of Blood

Coconut- vertically-oriented brown, grainy wood. Bark is brown, smooth and ring-like. Found in Coconut Beaches. The sapling can be crafted into food

Crack Willow- Alternating pale green and tan planks. Bark is grey with hints of green and is very rough. Found in the Willow Swamp

Eucalyptus- Pinkish-orange planks. Bark is very smooth and grey. Found in Eucalyptus Forests

Manchineel- Deep red and burnt-orange alternating planks. Bark is bumpy and greenish colored. Poisons you when mined. Leaves sometimes drop poison apples. Found in the Poison Swamp

Mangrove- very dark blueish-brown planks. Bark is smooth and very pale with flecks of orange. Found in the Mangrove biome

Paperbark- Dark ruddy brown planks. Bark is brown with tan papery frills, and can be sheared once for 4 sheets of paper. Found in the Crimson Forest

Pine- Very light yellow, skinny planks. Bark is scaly and is grey with re patches. Found in the Evergreen Grove

Redwood- Brownish-re skinny planks. Bark is similar to pine, but smoother and orange-red. Found in Redwood Forests

Sakura- Greenish-grey wood. Bark is grey with caramel-colored rings. Found in the Cherry Hills

Wattle- greyish orange planks, similar to eucalyptus. Bark is rough and dark brown with flecks of white. Found in the Outback

Petrified Wood- Ancient wood that has turned to stone. Found underground in small clusters below  y=50 and in the Petrified Forest. Cannot be turned into planks and must be mined with a pickaxe


Gen 3- No new species were added, but new blocks and items were:

-Beams can be made for all wood types, including petrefied and vanilla. Made with two slabs of the same wood.

-Petrefied Wood Planks- made with a single petrefied wood

-Petrefied Wood Bricks- made with 4 petrefied wood

Raw and cooked Venison- raw meat is dropped by deer.

Bearhide- Black and brown varients. Both can be crafted into leather or wool of the same color.

Crab legs- dropped by crabs. Eating it makes you nauseous. 

Crab meat- cooked crab legs


There are currently only 7 mobs. All of them can only be found in the Natural Woods dimension

Gaansey- Added as a credit to Gaansey for his assistance with the vertical slabs (slices). Gaansey carries an iron axe, is passive, drops spectral arrows, and is found in the Eucalyptus Forest biome.

Black Bear- Found in various biomes. It drops black bearhide, which can be crafted into leather or black wool. They are neutral towards players and aggressive towards rabbits

Grizzly Bear-Found in various biomes. It drops brown bearhide, which can be crafted into leather or brown wool. They are neutral towards players and aggressive towards deer

Crocodile- Found in various swampy biomes. It drops vines and rarely prismarine crystals. They are neutral towards players and aggressive towards chickens

Crab- Found in various sandy biomes. It drops crab legs, which can be eaten raw, or cooked. They are neutral towards players and aggressive towards squid

Deer- Found in various  biomes. It drops raw venison, which can be eaten as is or cooked. They are neutral towards players and are afraid of their movement.

Kangaroo-Found in the Outback biome. It drops rabbit hide. They are neutral towards players and aggressive towards spiders


All of the logs, saplings, beams, and planks can be used as fuel in furnaces. Reinforced planks cannot.

All planks can be used to make sticks and chests, but only if ALL other wood used is the same kind.



Once I give this to a successor, all future updates will be done through them, if they choose to make any.


-Crafting tables made of each of the new wood types.

-More custom tree structures that naturally generate properly 

-Probably more wood types

-Fixing two known bugs- New mob models do not animate at all, and kangaroo model has no ears.


Modification files
NaturalWoods_1.5.1.jar - Version 1.5.1 (MC 11.2.2, Recommended)Uploaded on: 11/18/2018 - 23:24   File size: 3.05 MB
Natural Woods 1.4.2 (1.12).jar - Version 1.4.2Uploaded on: 04/01/2018 - 14:42   File size: 1.95 MB
NaturalWoods 1.4.1.jar - Version 1.4.1 Uploaded on: 11/30/2017 - 18:00   File size: 1.98 MB
natural_woods_1.2.0.jar - Version 1.2.0 Uploaded on: 07/14/2017 - 00:32   File size: 1.65 MB

I am not sure if this a bug but mod kills coal\charkcoal durability (1.5 items instead of 8).
P.S. Noticed on version 1.5.1.

this mod looks amazing! i can see why it got motw! i like how your dimension sounds, but an eye of ender seems a little expensive for some more biomes... otherwise the mod is amazing! p.s. please check out my mod, the myst.

Nice mod, but is it possible to make trees to generate in world ? (in regular biomes also)

This desperately needs a Dynamic Woods Compat Mod, and a way to configure these trees to spawn naturally in the overworld (with BOP compatibility)

Great mod! I love all the varieties of wood, gives me a lot of room for decoration. Sad to hear that this is the last update; I've been having a fatal conflict with this and Roots 2 (an issue with the deer entity ID, it seems). Will definitely be waiting eagerly for potential future updates (once you have a successor) that can fix this. More than ready to add it to my essential mod loadout!

It's probably because the mod name for the deer is just "deer"; I probably could have fixed it by calling it "NWdeer" or something. I'll be sure to put it on the to-do list for the successor

Thanks. I will be releasing the final update for Hodge-podge soon as well. There are a ton of new features, so I have to make sure that everything works perfectly and that I didn't forget anything

I Am asking before i do. can i put this in mod packs?(With my own mod and a few others) I want to make a game that fells more real and fake at the same time which is why it will be mixed with others mods and my own i might use even if i get no response