The End Reimagined: The Nowhere

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We all agree that vanilla End dimension is so boring.

So, I made this mod with reimagined The End!


there are 4 new biomes added


[Sea of Constellations]

Sea of Constellations

Sea of Constellations biome is a fields of glowing land corals.

Spirit fish are flying over voids, decorating the sky with beautiful glowing particles.

But be careful. the ground is infested with Stargazers, which are ambush hunters


you can tame a stargazer with spirit fish. it will be a flying ridable pet


[Desert of Futility]

Desert of Futility

Desert of Futility is pretty much same as vanilla End.

but with new small chorus plants, the End became more Endier.

You can find end city in this biome.


Criers spawn here. they are hostile and throw ender pearls


[Forest of Warmth]

Forest of Warmth

Forest of Warmth is the brightest biome in Nowhere.

Lamplighters spawn here. who you can trade with.

Lamplighters love glistering melon. so if you give it to them, they will give you some items

you can also find Lamplighter village.


Flasheyes spawn here. they are hostile mob that make you blind.


[Forest of Hermits]

Forest of Hermits

Forest of Hermits is lush forest biome.

It's infest with hostile monsters, such as Headegger and Moth Facer.

But the Pioneers are very useful mob. if you give them a Flasheye' eye, it will give you some good enchantments


Divine Pioneer

There is a new boss, the Divine Pioneer.

It can be summoned by a boss spawner, which is on the Pioneer's Statue.

you can find pioneer's statue by looking for beacon.


and there are 2 new ores added, Starite an Floatium

There are also achievements that can help you what to do

Modification files
nowhere 1.0.1.jarUploaded on: 01/06/2023 - 00:25   File size: 11.14 MB


Advancement bug was fixed

ohh i got to see your comment, but, how did u make that it tps the player to another dimension?

Hi, I just wanted to know how did you made custom biomes to the end, i am trying to do a end mod aswell, if you know the asnwer, please let me know

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

Hello, first of all Amazing mod, I'd like to suggest a few things:
can you add a gamerule that disables the instant teleportation when you enter the End?
or some other way to enter the dimension through other means instead
maybe once you beat the Ender Dragon the first time in the vanilla end, you can have it drop items so that when the player summons the Ender Dragon a second time, they get teleported to your dimension

or the player makes a ritual on the portal after beating the ender dragon, that leads to the teleportation of the Nowhere dimension

I have a bit of a mixed opinion on how it just teleports the player instantly when teleporting on the End, so at best I think having other methods of travelling to the dimension is good

also, regarding this, I suggested this mainly for modpack use too
there are mods like BOP, BYG, HEB, Draconic Evolution, and simply way too many mods that utilize the vanilla end, with my suggestion it should give the players means to use both mods, and both resources from both mods, instead of having to sacrifice one mod over another for the End

k. a workaround is to make structures as patches of grass and trees generate in the vanilla end. then you make the plants spawn in the vanilla end and on top of the grass. the plant will only generate when the grass does, and will only generate on the grass. the only downside is that you can't /locate it.