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Published by Alec088 on Sun, 08/09/2020 - 02:39
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This mod adds lots to the game to allow for further progression past the end dragon. It also adds more items, dimensions, and other things to make Minecraft more fun and interesting.


All that is in version 0.9.4: 

 - 11 Commands: /c, /s, /a, /spect, /day, /night, /noon, /midnight, /power, /efc, and /boros.

 - 9 Ores: Warp Ore, Strange Coal, Strange Dust Ore, Ruby Ore, Deep Coal, Copper Ore, Fire Gem Ore, Pearl Ore, and Corrupt Ore.

 - 57 Blocks: Strange Stone, Dark Stone, Deep Below Grass, Floating Island Rock, Corruption Block, Corruption Grass, Cloud, Cracked Bedrock, Marble, Warp Ore Block, Strange Dust Block,  Ruby Ore Block, Copper Ore Block, Fire Gem Block, Pearl Ore Block, Corrupt Gem Block, Multiblock, Universal Block, Portal Frame, Corruption Portal, Block Of Secrets, Reinforced Iron Block, Ghost Dirt, Ghost Stone, Ghost Cobblestone, Ghost Gravel, Hardened Concrete, Hardened Bricks, Fire Brick, Gold Brick, Compressed Cobblestone, Oak Wood Light, Dark Oak Light, Spruce Wood Light, Birch Wood Light, Jungle Wood Light, Acacia Wood Light, Cobblestone Light, Stone Light, Facility Light, Facility Concrete, Jail Bars, Iron Frame, Net Block, Jail Door, Spike, Safe, Storage Crate Mk1, Storage Crate Mk2, Storage Crate Mk3, Wooden Counter, Marble Counter, Refrigerator Top, Refrigerator Bottom, Money Printer, Manual Cobblestone Generator, and Compressor.

 - 1 Plant: Strange Plant.

 - 35 Items (not consumable): Warp Ingot, Strange Dust, Ruby, Copper, Fire Gem, Pearl, Corrupt Gem, Multiblock Ingot, Universal Chunk, Universal Ingot, Godly Matter, Iron Bullet, Pistol Barrel, Pistol Handle, Sniper Bullet, Long Barrel, Sniper Handle, Staff Core, Flour, Mug, Mug (Water), Coffee Beans, Crafting Matter Mk1, Crafting Matter Mk2, Crafting Matter Mk3, One Dollar, Five Dollars, Ten Dollars, Twenty Dollars, Fifty Dollars, One Hundred Dollars, Cloud Piece, Counter Handle, Bedrock Chunk, and Corruption Piece.

 - 10 Items (consumable): Candy, Strange Fruit, Raw Strange Beef, Cooked Strange Beef, Raw Fire Porkchop, Cooked Fire Porkchop, Angel Cake, Multiblock Apple, Godly Apple, and Mug (Coffee).

 - 8 Tool Sets: Strange Tools, Ruby Tools, Copper Tools, Fire Tools, Pearl Tools, Corrupt Tools, Multiblock Tools, and Godly Tools.

 - 31 Other Tools/Usable Items: Wasteland Portal Starter, Deep Below Portal Starter, Floating Islands Portal Starter, Multiblock Battleaxe, Universal Battleaxe, Godly Battleaxe, Pistol, Godly Pistol, Sniper, Minigun, Fire Staff (WIP), Lightning Staff, Explosive Staff, Healing Spell Book, Bandage, First Aid Kit, K.O.A.S, Slimy K.O.A.S, Bag Of Holding Tier 1, Bag Of Holding Tier 2, Bag Of Holding Tier 3, Portable Portal, Stone Excavator, Scraper, Crusher, Dummy Spawner (Spawns Dummy), Dummy Remover (Removes Dummy), Deep Below Boss Tablet, Wasteland Boss Tablet, Floating Islands Boss Tablet, and Corruption Boss Tablet.

 - 10 Armor Sets: Wood Armor, Stone Armor, Strange Armor, Ruby Armor, Copper Armor, Fire Armor, Pearl Armor, Corrupt Armor, Multiblock Armor, and Godly Armor.

 - 4 Other Wearable Armor: Cloud Boots, Jump Boots, Super Jump Boots, and Speed Boots.

 - 4 Bosses: Deep Below Boss, Wasteland Boss, Floating Islands Boss, and Corruption Boss.

 - 4 Dimensions: Wasteland Dimension, Deep Below Dimension, Floating Islands Dimension, and Corruption Dimension.

 - 5 Biomes: Dusty Wasteland, Deep Dark, Deep Valley, Floating Island, and Corruption Plains.

 - 9 Mobs (not bosses): Strange Cow, Deep Below Pig, Bank Manager, Fire Skeleton, Sand Crawler, Soldier, Scientist, Corrupt Crawler, and Dummy (Spawns with Dummy Spawner).

 - 3 Creative Tabs: Endeavorer Mod: Not Blocks, Endeavorer Mod: Blocks, and Endeavorer Mod: Mobs.

Modification files
Endeavor Mod v0.9.4.jar - Version 0.9.4 of the Endeavor Mod - JARUploaded on: 09/13/2020 - 21:06   File size: 2.27 MB
Endeavor Mod v0.9.4.zip - Version 0.9.4 of the Endeavor Mod - ZIPUploaded on: 09/13/2020 - 21:06   File size: 1.73 MB

 This mod has been discontinued due to lack of interest in it!


8/21/2020: Better Logo!


8/15/2020: Version 0.9.4 of the Endeavor Mod


8/9/2020: Version 0.9.3 of the Endeavor Mod and mod website created

looks nice, but please describe the mod more (what dimensions it adds, cool armor or tools you added, etc.)