The Cease

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The Cease is a mod that adds a decent amount of content.


     171 Mod Elements

     The Cease, a pitch black void dimension with occasional structures and scattered rocks.

     New materials such as Enderite, Aline, Voidcrystal, etc.

     Enderite armor set that allows powered flight (do not worry, it will not break gameplay)

     Astral Invasion event

     Oblivion Bossfight.

                   Oblivion is an ultra strong final boss that may be the strongest boss mob on any Mcreator modification, with over 2000 health, 3 unique stages, and several attacks.

     command: /difficultylevel: scale of 0-12 configures multipliers for some of the events and mobs.

(Known Issues):
Clouds are constantly on in the cease, which looks very strange.
I suggest you turn clouds off when you are in there.

Modification files
TheCease_1.jar - Mod LinkUploaded on: 11/19/2023 - 01:01   File size: 822.81 KB

Yeah, I usually try to make very large projects, but never get to finishing them. This is actually my first to actually upload.