Biomes And Builds

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Biomes and builds!


NOTICE: Read the description, Your Forge Version Might Be Outdated!

📢 Make sure to read the version Change-log for update info.. Thank you!
UPDATE: Biomes And Builds 2 is coming after the release of MCreator Pro

Whats This?

Biomes and Builds is a World Mod to Expand world Generation to the Further Limits. Exploring Further in Any Direction and with only "1" Goal; To find The Mushroom Kingdom!

Theme You're Builds in Style of the Biome (More To Come In Future Updates)

Exploring is just 1 key to the door, There will be Many new features added Along the road!


My Mods Site: More Images are here!
(BabMOD, Means Biomes And Builds Mod!)


So, What does this Mod include?

+ New Blocks (most of Them are Coming shortly, Possibly in the Next versions!)
+ New Generated Structures (Mostly, Coming soon!)
+ a.. Series.. of "New" Biomes, Yeah!

And, What's the New Biomes!
+ Palm Forest
+ Tall Taiga
+ Lush Swamp
+ Cypress Plains
+ Cypress Woods
+ Canyon Bryce
+ Redwood Forest
+ Silver Birch Forest
+ Glowing Forest
+ Conifer Forest
+ Dead Forest
+ Pines
+ And the Mushroom Kingdom! (will be Made rare in a "Future" Version!)

And some More Biomes are coming Soon!


Found a crash? Here's the List of Fixes!

Okay, So here's the crashes list:
Error: java.lang.VerifyError: Operrand stack overflow

Now this one; Happens with In-compatible Mods! (You May Have run out of Memory!)


Error: net.minecraftforge.fml.common.LoaderException: biomesandbuilds Failed load class: mod.mcreator.biomesandbuilds

Okay so this one; Happens With Out-dated Forge Versions!

How to fix?
1. Update Forge
2. Remove In-compatible mods

Future changes that are coming:
+ Generated Structures, Well more of them.
+ More Block Variants


Modification files
Biomes-And-Builds-023-01.jar - Version 0.2.3-01 (Christmas Update)Uploaded on: 12/20/2018 - 07:20   File size: 1.22 MB
Biomes-And-Builds-023.jar - Version 0.2.3Uploaded on: 11/27/2018 - 02:03   File size: 1.17 MB
Biomes-And-Builds-022.jar - Version 0.2.2Uploaded on: 11/25/2018 - 17:13   File size: 1.06 MB
Biomes-and-builds-021-2.jar - Version 0.2.1Uploaded on: 11/20/2018 - 04:59   File size: 1.01 MB

Updated to Version: 0.2.3 ## 28th November 2018 ##

Updated to Version 0.2.3-01 ### 20th December 2018 ### -- The Christmas Update


What's New?


  • Decorated Christmas Tree
  • Plain Christmas Tree
  • Added Brown Cow
  • Fixed Fox, Now Fox is added!


  • Mossy Palm Planks
  • Marble
  • Polished Marble
  • Marble Brick
  • Marble Tile
  • Chiseled Marble
  • And Another Variant of the Marble Bricks
  • Pine Log
  • Pine Leaves
  • Pine Planks
  • Pines "Biome"
  • Dead wood Log
  • Dead wood Leaves
  • Dead wood Planks
  • Dead Forest "Biome"
  • And Deadwood Tiles
  • Pine Bark
  • Dead wood Bark
  • Conifer Bark
  • Palm Bark
  • Tall Birch Bark
  • Redwood Bark
  • Lush wood Bark
  • Cypress Bark
  • Fixes to crafting recipes
  • Fixes to Block Sounds
  • Fixes to some of the blocks names
  • Fixes to mining times

Yeah, That's all for now!



Added in 0.2.2

  • Mudstone
  • Mudstone Variants
  • Conifer Forest Biome
  • Conifer Wood Block
  • Conifer Planks Block
  • Mossy Redwood Planks
  • Mossy Conifer Planks (More Moss Planks in the NEXT update, Stay Tuned!)


Added in 0.2.0

  • Cement Bricks
  • Polished Cement
  • More Cement in the future!
  • And Plain Cement!!
  • Diorite Bricks
  • Diorite Bricks (with alt texture for builders)
  • Chiseled Diorite
  • Diorite Tiles
  • Diorite Tiles (with alt texture for builders)
  • Travertine Rock
  • Limestone Rock
  • Bluestone Rock
  • Dark Slate
  • Brown Slate


Added in 0.1.9

  • Barstools
  • Picket Fences (will be used in a Future Generated structure)


Added in 0.1.8

  • Glowing Fruit
  • Glowing Trees (biome)
  • Flower Crate
  • Gas Lamps
  • Old Yard (generated structure)
  • And the Block Rotation Compass!
  • Magenta Flower Pots [COMMANDS ONLY!]
  • Mud-stone, and Mud-stone bricks [REMOVED!]


Added in 0.1.7

Lighting Update Phase 1

  • Added: 3 New Lamps
  • - Lamp Post
  • - Ceiling Lamp
  • - Lantern


What's New in 0.1.5 and 0.1.6?

  • Added: Cherries (In-development)
  • New Biome: Redwood Forest
  • New Block: Redwood Log
  • New Block: Redwood Leaves
  • Re-textured the Redwood Log from the Last Development!
  • Over-hauled the Lush-swamp Biome
  • Re-made the Palm Trees
  • Re-Modeled Palm Trees
  • Silver Birch Leaves
  • Silver Birch Logs
  • Silver Birch Trees
  • Silver Birch Forest Biome!!
  • Sandy Grass block
  • Sandy Dirt block

(And more in the future!)

-- Thank You!

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