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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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The new home of Traveler's Delight's features!

A mod for those who love to stay on one world!


Featuring everything from new Biomes to Blocks, this mod aims to have everything you need for the ultimate survival series!

Features (6/29/2021)

3 New Mobs!





3 New Biomes & Wood Types!

Sakura Forest (Features 


Dead Forest


Many, MANY new Blocks & Items!

Turf (Perfect for creating unbroken, rolling landscapes!)

Shoji (Japanese Paper Walls, comes in Small and Big varients)

Shoji Doors (Comes in Oak, Jungle, Acacia, Sakura and Palm varients)

Salt & Salt Block (Currently useless)

Shell Blocks (Currently only in the default Shulker color. Will include every color of Shulker Box eventually)



And even more that I cannot list due to the size!

The future of the mod

This mod will be updated pretty reguarly. In fact, I already have the next few updates all planned out!

Mod Developers

CreeperX3 - Main Developer/Sprite Artist

ChibiWilli - Main Sprite Arist

Modification files

Version 1.0.0 (6/29/2021)

  • Released