Apple's Abyssal Mini-Expansion

Published by AppleLord1 on Wed, 08/18/2021 - 22:01
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a small mod im working on!


3 new ores! (total)

a new set of armor

4 pieces of special armor:

     feather boots: gives a slight speed boost and slow falling while worn

     body armor: gives a level of resistance while worn

     abyssal diving helmet: gives water breathing and dolphins grace while worn (its really expensive so its more balanced)

     golden crown: looks cool

a new dimension called the abyss! includes:

     a new type of stone

     two new ores

     a new enemy

1 new enemy called the abyssal entity (zombie ai)

soul of prestige!!! when used (can be used multiple times but will do nothing after the first):

     gives a PERMANENT medium stat boost (through buffs). (extremely expensive)

     slightly boosts the effects of the special armor pieces

drotium pouch: basically a backpack

3 powerful tools obtained when obtaining a FULL set of abyssal armor for the first time. (they have slightly higher stats then the abyssal gear BUT they have low durability):

     The blood god's sword

     The mine god's pickaxe

     The wood god's axe

a drill for every vanilla material, drills are faster and more durable than vanilla tools but are very expensive (most of them, the wood-iron ones cant be easily made expensive).

Modification files
Apple's Abyssal Mini-Expansion_1.jar - Version 1.0.2Uploaded on: 08/19/2021 - 22:48   File size: 323.46 KB

Version 1.0.2: Added a recipe for Drotized Dark Fabric

Version 1.0.1: the abyssal entity now actually drops an item