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Published by WJB's Mods on Mon, 08/26/2019 - 18:31
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Thanks for getting this mod to 150 downloads! Please check out my new mod: https://mcreator.net/modification/64904/wjbs-steampunk-mod


Hi! Are you sick of only having a few biomes in your Minecraft 1.12.2 worlds? If so, this is the mod for you!

This mod adds new items, weapons, tools, armour and dimensions to your world.

Due to a glitch with page editing, I have to put the link to the bug report/mod discussion here: https://mcreator.net/forum/52878/wjbs-biome-pack-discussion-board

Current features

  • Biomes
    • Overworld
      • Rainforest (Lots of trees, warm, supposed to rain lots but it doesn't)
      • Scorched (No trees, desert, no weather)
      • Mushroom Forest (Three types of giant and normal mushroom, Mycelium instead of grass, contains Mooshrooms, always bright)
      • Autumn Forest (Modified Oak Trees, contains most Overworld mobs)
      • Forgotten Woods (Rare, lots of trees, contains Forgotten Zombies and Forgotten Spiders)
      • Bog (Peat instead of Grass, no trees, loads of Snails)
      • Magical Forest (Trees made from Magical Logs and Forgotten Leaves)
    • Land Of The Dead
      • Land Of The Dead (Made of Dirt blocks, contains Former Humans and Zombie Pigs)
    • Prosperous Realm
      • Prosperous Realm (Made of Diamond, Gold, Iron and Emerald Blocks)
    • The Upper
      • Upper Biome (Made of Upperrack, Heart Sand and Ice)
  • Mobs
    • Passive
      • Dryads (Spawn in most biomes, drop the plant that their heads resemble as well as a related block)
      • Wanderer (Spawn in most Overworld biomes, use Villager AI preset, drop nothing)
      • Zombie Pig (Spawn in Land Of The Dead, drop Rotten Flesh, follow Carrots and Carrots On Sticks, rideable)
      • Octopus (Spawn in Deep Oceans, hostile towards squids, drop ink sacs)
      • Snail (Spawn in Bogs and Swamps, block-sized, sink in water, drop Slime Balls and Fossils)
      • End Snail (Spawn in the End, block-sized, sink in water, drop Slime Balls and Purpur Pillars)
      • Sprite (Very small, spawn in all biomes)
      • Explorers (Spawn in most biomes, have unique textures for specific biome/dimension types)
      • Ghost (Spawn in Forgotten Woods and Land Of The Dead)
    • Hostile
      • Rainforest Spider (Spawn in Rainforests, have Spider AI preset, drop nothing)
      • Burnt Dryad (Spawn in Scorched biomes, are fireproof, drop Scorched Foliage and Charcoal)
      • Scorched Zombie (Spawn in Scorched biomes, have Zombie AI preset, are fireproof, drop Ashes)
      • Nether Wart Dryad (Spawn in the Nether, are fireproof, drop Nether Wart and Nether Wart Blocks)
      • Cassowary (Spawn in Rainforests, drop Raw Chicken and Feathers, also hostile towards Chickens and Parrots)
      • Former Human (Spawn in Land Of The Dead, drop Bones)
      • Headless Wanderer (Spawn in all Overworld biomes, drop Pumpkins and sword)
      • Magical Creeper (Spawn in Magical Forests, doesn't explode, has five different outcomes of being killed although it's more likely that nothing will happen)
      • Upper Cyclops (Spawn in the Upper, use the Sprite model, drop Upper Cyclops Eyes and Raw Upper Cyclops Organs)
      • Swarmer (Spawn in Rainforests and from Hives, currently don't attack)
      • Hive (Spawn in Rainforests, spawn five Swarmers when hit and ten when killed, drop Rotten Flesh)
      • Upper Dweller (Spawn in the Upper, drop Rotten Flesh and Ice)
    • Bosses
      • Nether Cyclops (Spawns in the Nether, drops Raw Cyclops Organs and Nether Cyclops Eyes, awards the player with the "Rip and Tear" acheivement, attack other Nether Cyclopes)
  • Blocks
    • Natural
      • Rainforest Log (Can be crafted with 3 Oil Drops to create Rubber, found in Rainforests)
      • Rainforest Leaves (Found in Rainforests)
      • Scorched Earth/Deep Scorched Earth (found in Scorched Biomes)
      • Oil Ore (Drops 3 Oil Drops when broken and spawns an Oil source which can be collected with a bucket)
      • Big Glowshroom Top (Found in Mushroom Forests)
      • Autumn Forest Leaves (Found in Autumn Forests)
      • Dark Gem Ore (Found in Mushroom Forests, replaces some Stone, drops 3 Dark Gems)
      • Jade Ore (Found in Mushroom Forests, replaces some Stone, drops 2 Jade)
      • Scorched Foliage (Found in Scorched Biomes, drop Ash)
      • Glowshroom (Found in Mushroom Biomes, can be used to make Glowshroom Soup)
      • Oil (Liquid, spawns when Oil Ore is broken, no purpose yet)
      • Gold/Diamond Ore (Rare, replaces some Emerald Ore, when smelted becomes a Gold-Diamond Ingot)
      • Copper Ore (Replaces some Andesite, when smelted becomes a Copper Ingot, can be crafted into Copper Wire)
      • Shale (Found in most beach or ocean biomes, drops Fossils)
      • Forgotten Log (Found in Forgotten Woods)
      • Forgotten Leaves (Found in Forgotten Woods)
      • Endwater (Liquid, found in the End)
      • Cherry Blossom (Found in Cherry Blossom biomes, drop Cherries)
      • Peridot Ore (Replaces some Netherrack, drops 1 Peridot)
      • Onyx Ore (Replaces some Netherrack, drops 1 Onyx)
      • Forgotten Grass (Replaces Grass in Forgotten Woods biomes)
      • Forgotten Dirt (Replaces Dirt in Forgotten Woods biomes)
      • Peat (Replaces Grass in Bog biomes)
      • Opal Ore (Replaces some Stone, drops 1 Onyx)
      • Garnet Ore (Replaces some Stone, drops 1 Onyx)
      • Magical Log (Found in Forgotten Woods)
      • Upperrack (Found in the Upper)
      • Heart Sand (Found in the Upper)
      • Sapphire Ore (Replaces some Diorite, drop Sapphire)
      • Amethyst (Replaces some Heart Sand, drop Amethyst)
      • Ruby Ore (Replaces some Upperrack, drop Rubies)
      • Amber Ore (Replaces some Ancient Logs, drop Amber)
      • Agave (Supposed to spawn in deserts but don't, no function)
      • Rice (Found in Cherry Blossom biomes, drop Rice Grains)
      • Silver Ore (Replaces some Granite, no function)
    • Artificial
      • Rainforest Planks (Can be made into most wooden objects)
      • Rubber Block (No purpose yet)
      • Rainforest Stairs
      • Block of Dark Gem (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Dark Gem Bars (Works like Iron Bars but with a different placement method)
      • Block of Jade (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Power Cell (Used to make Electric Lamps)
      • Electric Lamp (Highest light value, can't be turned off)
      • Forgotten Planks (Can be crafted into some wooden items)
      • Block of Peridot (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Onyx (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Copper (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Opal (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Garnet (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Forgotten Stairs
      • Rainforest Fence
      • Forgotten Wall (Obtained in the same way as a fence but has the model and hitbox of a wall)
      • Magical Planks (Can be crafted into some wooden objects)
      • Magical Fence
      • Magical Stairs
      • Block of Sapphire (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Amethyst (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Ruby (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Amber (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
      • Block of Silver (Can be used as a Beacon Base)
  • Items
    • Resources
      • Ashes (Can be used to repair Chainsaws and Iron Swords)
      • Oil Drop (Used to make Rubber)
      • Rubber (Used to make Rubber Blocks)
      • Dark Gem (Used to make Dark Gem tools, Dark Gem Armour and Dark Gem Bars)
      • Jade (Used to make Jade Set tools and Blocks Of Jade)
      • Copper Ingot (Used to make Copper Wire and Blocks of Copper)
      • Copper Wire (Used to make Electric Lamp and Power Cell)
      • Fossil (Can be crafted into an Oil Drop)
      • Peridot (Can be crafted into a Block of Peridot)
      • Onyx (Can be crafted into a Block of Onyx)
      • Opal (Can be crafted into a Block of Opal)
      • Garnet (Can be crafted into a Block of Garnet)
      • Nether Cyclops Eye (Used to craft the Cold Key)
      • Sapphire (Can be crafted into a Block Of Sapphire)
      • Amethyst (Can be crafted into a Block Of Amethyst)
      • Ruby (Can be crafted into a Block of Ruby)
      • Amber (Can be crafted into a Block of Amber)
      • Rice Grains (Can be crafted into a Bowl of Rice)
      • Upper Cyclops Eye (no function)
      • Silver Ingot (unobtainable in survival, can be crafted into a Block of Silver)
    • Food
      • Glowshroom Soup (Gives Night Vision, restores 6 Hunger)
      • Toast (Restores 3 Hunger)
      • Cherry (Restores 3 Hunger, takes a very short amount of time to eat)
      • Raw Cyclops Organ (Restores 10 Hunger, takes a long time to eat, gives level 1 Nausea and Fire Resistance)
      • Cooked Cyclops Organ (Restores 10 Hunger, takes a long time to eat, gives level 2 Fire Resistance)
      • Bowl of Rice (Restores 5 Hunger, takes twice as long to eat as most food)
      • Rice Dishes (Restore 5 Hunger, take twice as long to eat as most food)
        • Cyclops Organ and Rice (Restores 10 Hunger, takes twice as long to eat as most food, gives level 2 Fire Resistance)
    • Dimension Keys
      • Soul Of Darkness (Used to access the Land Of The Dead)
      • Gold/Diamond Ingot (Used to access the Prosperous Realm)
      • Cold Key (Used to access the Upper)
    • Weapons and Tools
      • Dark Gem Set
        • Dark Gem Sword (Harvest Level 2, 4 Efficiency, 3 Enchantability, 9 Damage, 2000 uses)
        • Dark Gem Pickaxe (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 3 Enchantability, 8 Damage, 2000 uses)
        • Dark Gem Axe (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 3 Enchantability, 10 Damage, 2000 uses)
        • Dark Gem Hoe (2000 uses)
        • Dark Gem Shovel (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 3 Enchantability, 7 Damage, 2000 uses)
      • Jade Set
        • Jade Dagger (Harvest Level 1, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 4 Damage, 200 uses)
        • Jade Pickaxe (Harvest Level 1, 6 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 5 Damage, 100 uses)
        • Jade Axe (Harvest Level 5, 6 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 8 Damage, 500 uses, counts as a weapon)
        • Jade Scythe (Harvest Level 1, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 7 Damage, 500 uses)
        • Jade Shovel (Harvest Level 5, 6 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 5 Damage, 500 uses)
      • Chainsaw (Harvest Level 10, 10 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 25 Damage, 25 uses)
      • Ruby Set
        • Ruby Sword (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 12 Damage, 1566 uses)
        • Ruby Pickaxe (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 11 Damage, 1566 uses)
        • Ruby Axe (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 13 Damage, 1566 uses)
        • Ruby Hoe (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 5 Damage, 1566 uses)
        • Ruby Shovel (Harvest Level 4, 4 Efficiency, 2 Enchantability, 10 Damage, 1566 uses)
    • Armour
      • Rubber Boots (Cancel all fall damage, 1 Defense)
      • Dark Gem Armour (Maximum Damage Absorbed 25, Enchantability 9, Toughness 3)
        • Dark Gem Helmet (4 Defense)
        • Dark Gem Chestplate (9 Defense)
        • Dark Gem Leggings (7 Defense)
        • Dark Gem Boots (4 Defense)
      • Ruby Armour (Maximum Damage Absorbed 25, Enchantability 15, Toughness 0)
        • Ruby Helmet (8 Defense)
        • Ruby Body (11 Defense)
        • Ruby Leggings (6 Defense)
        • Ruby Boots (8 Defense)


Go here for the Recipes

Modification files
biomepack2.zip - WJB's Biome Pack 1.1: the "Copper and Crafting" update855.3 KB
biomepack3.zip - WJB's Biome Pack 1.2: the "I Won't Forget What I Saw" update936.2 KB
biomepack4_0.jar - WJB's Biome Pack 1.3: the "Snails and Cyclopes and Sprites, Oh My!" update966.25 KB
biomepack5.jar - WJB's Biome Pack 1.4: The Upper update1.29 MB
  • 1.0
    • Added first mobs, dimensions, blocks and items.

  • 1.1
    • Additions:
      • Rainforest wood can now be used to make Trapdoors, Jungle Fences, Jungle Doors, Fence Gates, Chests, Crafting Tables, Sticks and all Wooden Tools
      • Added Gold/Diamond Ore, Shale, Copper Ore, Glowflow, Electric Lamp and Power Cell blocks
      • Added Gold/Diamond Ingot, Glowflow Bucket, Fossil, Dark Gem Tools, Jade Tools, Copper Ingot and Copper Wire
      • Added Headless Wanderer
      • Added Advancement "You know what they say..." for making Toast
      • Added Prosperous Realm Dimension
    • Removed items:
      • Removed Barrier Breaker due to it not breaking barriers
      • Removed Dead Ocean due to world generation glitches
      • Removed Ghostopus along with Dead Ocean
      • Removed Dead Grass due to the Land Of The Dead now using dirt
    • Changes
      • Blocks of Jade and Dark Gem can now be used as Beacon bases
      • High Priest renamed to Wanderer and retextured
      • Dead Field renamed Land Of The Dead, Dead Grass replaced with Dirt

  • 1.2
    • Additions:
      • Added recipes for Jade and Dark Gem Blocks
      • Ashes can now be used to repair Chainsaws and Iron Swords
      • Fossils can now be crafted into Oil Drops
      • Added Forgotten Woods and Cherry Blossom biomes
      • Added Forgotten Log, Forgotten Planks, Forgotten Leaves, Block of Peridot, Peridot Ore, Endwater, Block of Onyx, Onyx Ore, Cherry Tree Leaves, Forgotten Grass and Forgotten Dirt
      • Added Chainsaw, Peridot, Onyx, Endwater Bucket and Cherry
      • Added Forgotten Zombie and Forgotten Spider
      • Added advancement "I'M RICH!" for travelling to the Prosperous Realm, although it hasn't been implemented yet.
    • Removed items:
      • Removed Flies and Dragonflies due to problems with spawning
      • Removed unused textures and models
    • Changes:
      • Changed the height, amount and spawning conditions of Copper Ore

  • 1.3
    • Additions
      • Added healing effect to Endwater.
      • Added Snail, End Snail, Water Snail, Sprite and Nether Cyclops.
      • Added Bog and Magic Forest.
      • Added Peat, Block of Copper, Opal Ore, Block of Opal, Garnet Ore, Block of Garnet, Forgotten Stairs, Rainforest Fence, Forgotten Wall, Magical Log, Magical Planks, Magical Fence and Magical Stairs.
      • Added Opal, Garnet, Nether Cyclops Eye, Raw Cyclops Organ and Cooked Cyclops Organ.
      • Added "Rip and Tear" achievement for killing a Nether Cyclops.
      • Added a bunch of recipes.
    • Removed Items
      • Removed particles from Burnt Zombies.
      • Removed Mob Spawns from Prosperous Realm.
      • Removed more unused textures.
    • Changes
      • Renamed Cherry Tree Leaves to Cherry Blossom.
      • Oak and Birch Dryads now spawn in Autumn and Cherry Blossom biomes, respectively.
      • Restricted the biomes that Wanderers spawn in to most Overworld biomes.
      • Restricted the biomes Headless Wanderers spawn in to most Overworld biomes.
      • Lowered maximum Copper Ore spawn height.
      • Changed spawning conditions for Dark Gem and Jade ores.
      • Changed grass and water colours for Cherry Blossom biome.
      • Updated some mobs using 1.9.1 features.
      • Updated some tools using 1.9.1 features.
      • "I'M RICH!" advancement can now be earned by travelling to the Prosperous Realm.

  • 1.4
    • Additions
      • Added Magical Creeper, Upper Cyclops, Swarmer, Hive, Explorers (Grassland/Forest/Taiga, Desert/Mesa, Nether, Swamp/Jungle/Rainforest/Bog and Snow/Upper), Ghost and Upper Dweller.
      • Added Sapphire, Amethyst, Cold Key, Ruby, Amber, Ruby Sword, Ruby Pickaxe, Ruby Axe, Ruby Spade, Ruby Hoe, Rice Grains, Bowl of Rice, Rice Dishes (Beef, Carrot, Chicken, Potato, Mutton, Nether Cyclops Organ and Mushroom), Upper Cyclops Eye, Silver Ingot, Raw Upper Cyclops Organ and Cooked Upper Cyclops Organ.
      • Added Ruby Armour.
      • Added the Upper.
      • Added Upper Biome. 
      • Added Upperrack, Heart Sand, Sapphire Ore, Block of Sapphire, Amethyst Ore, Block of Amethyst, Ruby Ore, Block of Ruby, Amber Ore, Block of Amber, Agave, Rice, Silver Ore and Block of Silver.
      • Added "Safe For Now...", "Hot Enough?", "Eternally Doomed", "Lightning Never Strikes Twice" and "Bad Luck" achievements for the various outcomes of killing a Magical Creeper.
      • After four updates, you can now craft Rubber Boots, alongside the Magical Planks from the last version.
    • Removed Items
      • Removed Water Snails due to bugs with Bog and Swamp biomes spawning too many.
      • Removed several unused textures that were still in the game.
    • Changes
      • Changed the duration of Cooked Cyclops Organ effects.
      • Modified Magical Wood-related blocks with wrong damage/Harvest Level values.
      • Changed some texture mapping on blocks.
      • Fixed Scorched Foliage not spawning.
      • Fixed shading error on Nether Cyclops texture.
      • Changed spawning for Nether Cyclopes.
      • Increased eating speed of Cyclops Organs from 15 to 128.
      • Modified the animations on the Sprite model.
      • Changed the spawning conditions and texture of Copper Ore from Stone to Andesite to go with the new texture.
      • Changed base height for Dead Field to be higher.
      • Renamed Cyclops Organs to Nether Cyclops Organs due to the addition of a new Cyclops type.

Nice mod :)
Please could you explain what it adds in a little more detail though?