The Ancients

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Welcome to "The Ancients"!


Many millennia ago, there existed a civilization within the overworld. They were a technologically advanced people, and way past other civilizations at the time. Their building technique helped their structures stand tall even today. Various structures around the overworld were built by them, namely the Ancient Cities found underground. Through their technology, they figured that there was a parallel dimension to the one they know and love. After years, they managed to open a rift in time and space using a shard from a glowing meteorite. The rift opened and out spewed black ooze. They tried closing the rift because they had no idea what this stuff was. To no avail, the rift stayed open. They tried to quarantine the rift, but each day it grew in size. More ooze spilled out and infected the blocks nearby the rift. Veins started to grow around and on top of the ooze, which has now turned into a biomass of sorts. While extremely terrified, there was still a little curiosity to be had. A group decided to enter the rift, and what they found on the other side came to be known today as sculk. The rift grew bigger, and eventually it spat out something humanoid. It had no eyes, and it looked as though it had souls trapped inside its chest cavity. Unfortunately for them, this was the ancestor to the warden. The ancient warden was also very aggressive and wiped out nearly everyone around the rift within seconds. They managed to kill it, however. The Ancients realized that this could not spread anymore. So, they tried one last thing, by going into the rift and closing it from the other side. This group of people sacrificed themselves to seal the rift from the other side so that these monstrosities may never roam the overworld. 


Accepting their fate, this group of people tried to settle into their new home. They would mostly build in regions where there were grey logs and rocky dirt, as all of the other places consisted of the same black biomass. Their indomitable spirit helped them pull through, and they built an entire new civilization which would become known as the "Soldiers of the Wastelands", referring to the dystopia they now live in.


Over time, the Soldiers of the Wastelands died out, and the boundary between the two worlds slowly faded away. Rifts began to open on their own. By the time you came to be, parts of the world have been overrun by the sculk.


What is it?


This mod is part 1 of 2 of a continuation/remake of Metals and Machines. While the title refers to the metals you find and the machines you create, it fails to mention the complexity of The Forgotten Realm (the dimension from that mod). The Forgotten Realm is exactly the same as the Ancient Wasteland in almost every way, except of course with the addition of the sculk into the overall story of said dimension. The portal system was completely reworked to use a single block called "Rifts".

These rifts can be found in the deep dark biome (and ancient cities of course) or opened at will using an echo shard combined with the brand-new enchantment called "Spacetime Attunement".

Obviously, Stonewood is making a comeback, and it is relatively the same, although the bark is a little darker. Along with all of that, there are some cosmetic things in the first release. These include a new music disc and a new painting. 

Future Plans


This project is in beta, but with school back in session, I will not be able to work on this much. I wanted to release a stable enough version that had a decent amount of content to play around with. The current vision is to have a survival friendly experience. But to dumb it down, I'm going to list off some ideas. 


- More structures

- Integration with Metals and Machines 2 (oops that's a spoiler)

- Mobs such as the stalker (mob from M&M)

- Better story (i literally just came up with it)

- More in general


Since this is the first release, there isn't much to go over. However, I'd really appreciate if you guys gave suggestions/feedback on this project.

Modification files
Ancients_v1.1_1.20.1.jar - Version 1.1Uploaded on: 10/21/2023 - 15:33   File size: 6.79 MB
Ancients_v1_1.20.1.jar - Release VersionUploaded on: 09/14/2023 - 02:12   File size: 6.74 MB

Version 1.1

  • Added a new Biome: The Beating Jungle
    • Added new blocks: Sculk Leaves, Beating Vines
    • Beating vines will drop a new consumable called "Dark Berries" which when eaten, will give you the darkness effect for 3 seconds
    • The plan is to make the Beating Vines make a heartbeat sound like the warden
  • 2 Structures were added and were inspired by the original stonewood houses 
    • Added a chest loot table
      • Table can include: soul torches, iron, stonewood logs, decayed echo shards, dark berries, and the Outskirts music disc
  • There is now ambience in the Ancient Wasteland
  • Added a couple of advancements


Version 1

  • Mod Released