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This mod adds a desert update to the minecraft it adds new armor a new biome and some new mobs. Section:1 mobs this mod adds 4 new mobs desert zombies, desert fox, beetles, and tomb crawlers (desert spiders) desert zombies are a more powerful zombie desert foxes you can tame with sweet berries and they work like wolfs beetles are a new food source beetles aren't the best but they will do tomb crawlers are faster spiders that only spawn in the desert. Section:2 spartan armor spartan armor is a new armor type as strong as diamond and is pretty strong also they're is a spartan blade witch is a pretty strong weapon. bonus section Oasis Oasis are a new biome that spawns in desert biomes like the real life oasis they're no new wood or tree types  but they do spawn with new mobs. That's really for this desert update feel free to leave any feedback or bugs

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desert update 1.16.5.jar - sandyUploaded on: 07/24/2021 - 04:38   File size: 83.22 KB