Cragg: The Last Dimension

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Cragg: The Last Dimension

Cragg is a weird mod that adds a creepy new world and tons of lore. Keep reading for an in-depth description of the mod and its features.



    • Cragg: The normal biome. Made of Craggstone. Outposts (varient 1) can be found here, as well as Lost Inns and Blacksmith Huts.
    • Slimylands: A strange biome made entirely out of Slimy Craggstone. Sludge Algae is the only plant that thrives here. Corrupted Outposts and Blacksmith Huts can be found here.
    • Roughlands: A rugged plain. Hard to survive here. You can find Spirra Plants here. Mysterious structures such as the outposts (varients 1 & 2) and the General's Base can be uncovered here.
    • Corrupted Lands: This is what happened to the normal biome after the fall of the Corrupted King. Corrupted Craggstone abounds here, along with Corrupted Corruption. The remnants of the past are found in the Corrupted Outposts, the Lost Inns, and the General's Base.

    • Scrap Metal: You can find pieces of Scrap Metal in Blacksmith Huts and the General's Base. Scrap Metal can be melted down in a Blast Furnace to make:
    • Heap of Molten Metal: Made from melting down Scrap Metal, you can fashion it into a Crude Hilt.
    • Crude Hilt: Made from four Heaps of Molten Metal arranged in a T-Shape, Crude Hilts can be joined with Rusted Blades to make your very own Sirestian Sword.
    • Rusted Blade: Found in various chests across Cragg, Rusted Blades are the ancient blades of ancient swords. You have to forge your own hilt, however. (see Crude Hilt)
    • Sirestian Sword: Made from a Crude Hilt and a Rusted Blade, this sword perfectly mimics the shape of a sword from the ancient country of Sirestia. Only this sword can fit Sirestian Sheaths.
    • Sirestian Sheath: This is a sheath from the ancient country of Sirestia. Right-click while holding it to open a GUI that can hold a Sirestian Sword, a Bow, and Arrows, saving two slots of inventory space. You can find it in Lost Inns and Blacksmith Huts.
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    • Sludge Algae: Only found in the Slimylands, Sludge Algae is a growable plant that can be used (with other ingredients) to make a Meal of Mush.
    • Corrupted Corruption: Found infecting Corrupted Outposts and growing all over the Corrupted Lands, this plant can make (with other ingredients) a Meal of Mush.
    • Spirra Plant: Living spiral-shaped rocks that are only found in the Roughlands. It's pretty hard to mine.
    • Bulbous Burrku: A plant that grows in multiple different biomes. It glows brightly, piercing through the darkness of Cragg.

    • Corrupted Dwarves: These monsters used to be the Dwarves of the Kingdom of Sirestia and the Kingdom of Cwailmo. Sadly, they became infected too after the Corrupted King exploded. They may not be friendly, but at the very least you can harvest the Corrupted Corruption inside them by killing them.
    • Corrupted Fish: Found only in item form, these fish have mutated. It'll hurt you if you eat it, but you'll be rewarded with its Mutated Fishbone, the final ingredient to making a Meal of Mush (and also pretty handy for Bonemeal).
    • Scuttlers: These beetle-like, three faced mobs dwell only in the Roughlands. As the only passive mob in Cragg, (at least to you) they can be tamed and bred with Sludge Algae. They will, however, ferociously attack any Corrupted Dwarves they see.
    • Slime Monsters: These denizens of the Slimylands are up to no good. They are neutral, but will attack when you attack them. The fights can be tough, but in reward for stopping whatever sinister deeds they were planning, you get a Slime Block.

    • Rubies (4.0+): This strange new ore seems to be only for decoration, but it may have magical purposes too... Found in the normal Cragg biome in lots of small clusters.
    • Scuttler Scale Armor (4.0+) Made from the scales of innocent Scuttlers, this armor may be high in toughness, but it seriously lacks in enchantability.

    • Deep Deep Down: Enter Cragg.
    • Don't Slip: Discover a Slimyland Biome.
    • These Old Stones: Enter the Roughlands.
      • Why did you kill it?: Kill a Scuttler.
        • Mechanical Wonders: Craft a Spirra Breaker.
    • It Took This Place: Find a Corrupted Biome.
      • Foul Fish: Eat a Corrupted Fish.
        • Not So Delicious: Eat a Meal of Mush.
    • Imitation Artifact: Make a Crude Hilt.
      • The Ancient Blade: Make a Sirestian Sword.
        • Sword Sheathed: Find a Sirestian Sheath.
      • Heavy Hitter (Secret): Craft the secret weapon.

    • Seirrebwarts_nettogreF!! !!! !!!!
    • Why would I tell you?

That's pretty much all the mod adds! Thanks for reading, and have fun!

P.S. That wasn't actually all it added. (;


JEI/NEI is recommended for the recipes.

Modification files
v3.0: The OVERHAUL UPDATE!!.jar - Added sooo much new stuff! Check out Cragg 3.0: A Complete Guide for more info.Uploaded on: 03/08/2021 - 17:24   File size: 3.29 MB
v4.0: The Scuttler Update_0.jar - Added new mobs, new ore, some redstone stuff, music, etc.Uploaded on: 04/28/2021 - 20:54   File size: 7.6 MB

It's all in the description! (Mostly. At least, pretty much.)

nice mod, your first mod is cool but this mod is even cool :D

Cool mod :)
It would be great if there was a way to control the corruption (by corrupting blocks, mobs and maybe even the player or uncorrupting them)

A mysterious new biome is coming to Cragg, one that is filled with a rising black sludge known as the Floou. It is made of Craggstone, then four layers of Grugra Craggstone, before more Craggstone. There are two new mobs for this biome, the Grugruby and the Floou Flipper. An ore can be found here too, Ruby Ore. It bears a strange chemical property that makes it rise.

What should I name it? Please choose one.

1. The Floouded Grugrapeaks

2. Floouded Grugra

3. Grugramarsh

4. Flooumarsh

5. Grugrian Floourrids