Harsher Nature

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Nature is about to get harsher!


Just when you thought that your Minecraft world was quite peaceful... you ought to think again! New harsh biomes and mobs are about to come and dot your world. From thorn bushes to undead survivors, ore mimics to mountains of magma and ash... Nature isn't going to play nice...



New biomes - such as the Thorn Wasteland and Wet Marsh

Mobs - such as Boars and Fast Creepers

New plants - Thorns, poison mushrooms and more!

A new Dimension - A pack of all the biomes in the mod, just for fun!


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In development
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Harsher Nature 1.0.1 1.12.2.jar - Version 1.0.1335.69 KB
Harsher Nature 1.12.2.jar - Version 1.0.0334.59 KB