World Of Cheese

Published by Filler on Sat, 07/04/2020 - 00:23
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Minecraft Forge mod
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World Of Cheese mod by Filler


Go into a new world full of cheese! Pretty bland currently, but I'm hoping to add more features in the future!

How to enter the world of cheese:


-collect enough cheese to create a portal frame made of cheese blocks(cheese blocks are made by making a 2x2 square of cheese in crafting)

-collect flint and two sticks to create a shocker(recipe in photos)

-light the portal using the shocker


Modification files
World Of Cheese_0.jar - Beta 1.0.1275.66 KB
World Of Cheese.jar - Beta 1.0.0290.1 KB

Beta 1.0.1 Version Includes:


Certain ores not spawning - fixed

Floating Nacho Cheese - not fixed

In case anyone is wondering, I am currently on a new account(which will from now on be my main account). I am the developer of this mod, and I plan to make a version two of this mod. Expect it to come out in the next few months!