Multi-Dimensional Cuisine

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Have you ever wondered what your counterpart species from the Nether and the End would eat? Well, this mod might just be for you. It doesn't answer that question, but it does give you some dimension-themed foodstuffs (so, it's pretty close to the initial question, ya know?). This isn't a food-overhaul of any sort, however, it adds key, quality elements, such as spice from the nether, several ghast-related, edible body parts, and some drugs (just cause). These should integrate nicely with any normal playthrough of this game, with End level food giving lots of saturation, and some useful Nether foods for conquering the Ender Dragon. Honestly, there's not much to say about this. It's a simple quality of life mod, enriching your experience in the most minimalistic way possible. The art style ranges from surprisingly good, to honestly horrible, so that's cool. Aight.

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nice this looks cool although my mod got taken down for puting in pictures that have the minecraft gui in so maybe fix that