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Let me explain what this mod brings...

So just by the title image you can assume that it has multiple dimensions.

There are only five, but each have their own interesting uniqueness because I did

not want every gosh darn dimension looking like a kids drawing of a sunny day.


Each dimension has its ups... and its downs...

I won't say what the dimensions are called, nor will I hold your hand through most of

the stuff, all I will choose to assist in is how to get started... You know... the first thing to do...


Alright! You've read this far, thanks for sticking around, friend... anyways...

First, you are going to want to mine... seriously... go mining...

There is a new ore in the overworld, nether, and the end...

Its the only new ore that appears in those three dimensions...

In the whole mod, there are only two ores, but the two are

pretty important with traveling through dimensions and tools.


New weapons, including new projectile weapons.

New armor, as well as armors that have class types!

New mobs, only in their respected dimensions of course!

New biomes with said dimensions!

New dimensions, duh.

New structures like huge shards in the sky... of a particular dimension...

And God doesn't exist! wait... this isn't my rough draft on higher existence...


Summary: Mod was created using MCreator, has five cool dimensions, new mobs,

weapons, and so on. If you wanna play the mod, go right ahead, there is nothing stopping you!

If you don't want to, then just don't... It's a free country... you know...


Thanks to MCreator for its awesome program!

Thanks to YOU for checking the mod out!

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