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Published by Yello83 on Sat, 11/09/2019 - 03:16
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This Mod adds 10 new biomes and 5 new dimensions.


Goldmine-Extremely rare, made of gold.

Dangerlands-Has many dangerous creatures, made of mossy cobblestone.

Flatlands-An artificial-looking biome with mooshrooms.

Tall Forest-A forest with very tall trees, something dangerous may be lurking in these trees.

Dead Forest-This is a dead forest with no leaves.

Chapparal-A very dry place with a few bushes, has vindicators.

Volcanic Plains-Made of magma, has nether mobs.

Deep Tundra-A very cold and snowy place, spawns snow golems.

Highlands-The tallest mountains in existence.

Mangrove-A partly submerged dense swamp.


Frosty Dimension-Made of ice and snow.

Mining Dimension-A miner's dream.

The Forgotten Islands-A very dark and spooky place, great for spawning mobs.

Colorful Dimension-A mostly pink dimension full of different kinds of concrete.

Ocean Dimension-A dimension that is all water down to bedrock. (watch out for guardians!)

Recipes for Igniters

Note: these are all shapeless

Frosty-4 Packed Ice, 1 Diamond

Mining-4 Iron Blocks, 1 Diamond

Forgotten Islands-4 Obsidian, 1 Diamond

Colorful-4 Concrete, (any color) 1 Diamond

Ocean-4 Prismarine, (any variety) 1 Diamond


Frosty-Packed Ice


Forgotten Islands-Coal Blocks

Colorful-Concrete (any color)

Ocean-Prismarine (any variety)

This mod may receive updates.

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