Galenos Mod v2,0

Published by Tomas2737 on Wed, 09/12/2018 - 19:17
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Hey guys, Tomas2737! If you have ever played the v1.0 you see that everything exept the broller ore have changed. Well, i cant lie, it was my fault.

my Mcreator glitched making the loading infinite. The result? taking everything off the workspace (it was really sad for me). But i just didnt give up, and made this version!

This version has 64 new elements! (counting with biomes, dimensions, structures, mobs and broller ore).


    Thanks for visiting this page, and if you did, thanks for downloading this mod! 



Modification files
Galenos Mod v2.1 1.11.2.jar - v2.1 1.11.2 (wheres v2.0? who knows!)704.11 KB

*added 3 biomes

*new dimension!

*11 new tools

*Broller armor is now a thing!

*broller ore and broller ingot now have  new animations

Hey guys! uhhh theres a little problem. You see, school is a thing, so that will make me busy, limiting the time to work on mods.
Sorry to bother, just wanted to say that

Also by youre comment history, youre realyl salty about the textures, the look of the mod it self, and also "the wood blocks and stuff seems a little bland", do you even know what that means?