Published by quasar7892 on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 05:17
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Minecraft Forge mod
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    It has always been known that the overworld was not the only world that existed, the nether, the end, there has to be others. other places with there own stories to uncover, resources to exploit and landscapes to explore. getting to those worlds is a different story, but as the sun starts to set you see a strange construct embedded into a hillside you overlooked. a structure made with materials you have never before seen in any of your travels. a structure that reminds you of a portal to a place you have already been. you get an idea and try to replicate these alien resources and repair what you think to be a portal. as you place the last piece of the structure a small blue and green stone sticking out of some foliage falls onto the base and creates a spark that travels the inner perimeter of the construct, lighting it up and proving your theories correct. standing there, washed in a murky light that's spilling out of the eldritch gateway, you wonder what is on the other side. after a few moments of wonder you suit up grab some basic gear and step through into a new eldritch world...

The murky mod is my first mod that i am submitting here and its one that i plan on working on a lot more. it has been inspired by multiple adventure and lore heavy mods and will have its own story told the more you explore and progress through the mod

This mod currently adds three new dimensions with there own biomes and structures dotting the land, along with new mobs to defend them, or to help you out. along with tons of new building blocks, new foods, new tools and equipment and multiple new crafting stations, along with some blocks with beneficial affects. adds multiple new metals and there respective ores along with different variants of other metals and ores. also four new gems.


    due to the size of the mod I had to upload murky on curse forge, here is the link:

Curse Forge Link:


the murky mod has lots of hints in the form of structures and notes that can be found throughout the overworld and murky dimensions.

to get to the first dimension you can either stumble across a ruined murky portal and complete it or build your own murky portal frame using murky obsidian and lighting it using an Eerie stone, both of witch can be crafted.

to get to the murky depths you need to make a portal frame using icy murky stone and light it using an Eerie depths stone.

to get to the void you need a frame of void glow and light it with a void anchor.


updating worlds that used older versions of murky to the newest passing comet update could cause strange audio bugs (working on a fix)


I have tried to fix and patch as many bugs as I can but I might have missed a few. if you find any please report them on my discord.

It is HIGHLY RECOMENDED THAT YOU USE JEI along side this mod. there is an in game guide that I am working on but it is far from finished

-mod discord link:

Modification files
curseforge - mod is to big to be uploaded here, please use the curseforge link ty :D231 bytes


- passing comet update

- MC version 1.16.5

added undead brain
added psychic synapse
added pulsating gray matter
added scroll of a hundred arrows
added artifact creative tab
added luminetwork tuning prod
added radiant absorber
added essence of endurance
added essence of focus
added autumn leaf cover
added Callicarpa plants
added Callicarpa berrys
added void worm boss
added mark of the void effect
added void bolt
added magots
added flask of midas
added void javelin
added gold slabs
added half gold slabs
added rune sword
added murky rubble
added smooth murky rubble
added smooth murky rubble stairs
added smooth murky rubble walls
added smooth murky rubble slabs
added rune core
added golden gulper
added aura of midas effect
added chalice of unending avarice
added moon steel
added moon steel blocks
added QCD matter core
added collapsed moon
added ritual of lunar divination
added lunar eye
added lunar rain event
added decaying heart charm
added lunar slime mob
added the lunar collective mob
added lunar ichor
added ichor ore
added mutated offal
added mutated eye stalk
added luminus glass panes
added sea glass panes
added cosmic irradiation effect
added murky puffball
added slate bricks
added slate brick stairs
added slate brick slabs
added slate brick walls
added shale bricks
added shale brick stairs
added shale brick slabs
added shale brick walls
added bortal carapace
added bortal meat
added cooked bortal meat
added gilded bortal meat
added bortal Shield
added wall of annihilation
added fabricated eidolon bricks
added bunker drill
added bunker drill MK II
added shifting notes
added research table
added sealed focus infuser recipe
added sealed lumimancy ritual
added sealed knowledge
added vanadium plated bricks
added vanadium plated stairs
added vanadium plated slabs
added thin vanadium plates
added molybdenum plated bricks
added molybdenum plated stairs
added molybdenum plated slabs
added thin molybdenum plates
added titanium plated bricks
added titanium plated stairs
added titanium plated slabs
added thin titanium plates
added crystalized lumistone chunk seed
added crystalized lumistone chunk
added shackle of the brass moon
added malfunctioning AI mob
added bleeding wood
added bleeding logs
added bleeding planks
added bleeding slabs
added bleeding stairs
added bleeding fences
added bleeding fence gates
added bleeding doors
added bleeding trap doors
added diseased offal
added cauterised offal
added frostbitten offal
added necrotic offal
added undead brain in a jar
added cauterised mutated flesh sample
added frostbitten mutated flesh sample
added diseased mutated flesh sample
added necrotic mutated flesh sample
added dense cauterised flesh
added dense frostbitten flesh
added dense diseased flesh
added dense necrotic flesh
added mutated gem
added vampiric vein blade
added Luminus radiation
added LR Meter
added anti LR tablet
added anti LR tablet effect
added LR scrubber core
added LR scrubber block
added advancment a temporary cure
added advancment decontamination
added advancment scrubbing on the go
added portable LR scrubber
added vibration analyzer
added a digging mechanic to the bladded scuttler
added pocket dimesion blueprints
added empty AI case block
added Infected AI case block
added forgoten AI case block
added meat pile mob
added malfunctioning auto doctor block
added armored murky stone bricks
added armored murky stone brick stairs
added armored murky stone brick slabs
added armored murky stone brick walls
added low energy laser emiter block
added low energy lasers
added low energy laser lens block
added Sodium bicarbonate
added extracted collagen
added gelatin
added gummy candys
added snapping plant
added snapping plant fruit
added snapping fruit food
added snapping fruit pit
added snapping plant shrub
added laser lock block
added event horizon
added mimic ooz
added lunar artifact gem
added ritual of lunar intuition
added rapidly mutating flesh pile
added fractured soul of the brass moon
added void matter tiles
added void matter tile stairs
added void matter tile slabs
added void matter tile walls
added void warrens biome
added warren root
added chisled void matter tiles
added cracked void matter tiles
added meld matter ore
added lux matter ore
added raw lux matter
added lux matter block
added unstable lux matter
added void matter lamp
added simple void matter lamp
added corpse eater
added spectral corpse eater
added dorment corpse eater
added maggot matter
added deep depths biome
added depths abyss dimension
added bedrock tunnel
added depths stone
added riftia
added depths stone stalactite
added depths iron ore
added depths titanium ore
added depths gold ore
added volatile biomass container
added blazing biomass
added blazing biomass container
added abyssal biomass
added abyssal biomass container
added lunar biomass
added lunar biomass container
added stratoship deployer
added stratoship construction supplies
added violisium ore
added violisium gem
added violisium gem block
added enchanted violisium piller
added springshroom stem
added weeping springshroom stem
added springshroom cap
added springshroom lamella
added springshroom spore
added wrathful conglomerate
added forcfull soul malstrom
added violisium soul gem
added eidolon soul lift
added festering presure plate
added ashen presure plate
added ghostwood presure plate
added putrid presure plate
added murky presure plate
added eidolon presure plate
added lunar stage detector
added luminus evasion enchantment
added cognitive overclock enchantment
added void graves dimension
added void tumulus biome
added advancment a grave mistake
added pseudo matter
added pseudo matter bricks
added pseudo matter brick stairs
added pseudo matter brick slabs
added suspicious liquid
added shadow obelisk
added gloom stone
added homebound pearl
added unrealized dust
added unrealized matter
added unrealized pearl
added murky redstone ore
added living geod
added mire stalk
added haunted matter

tweaked the moddle and texture for luminus shielding
tweaked the focus infuser gui
changed focus infusion recipes to require lumagic
added a luminetwork mechanic
made basic and advanced infusion orbs ignore player colision
changed the textures of some items
changed the name of autumn leaves to packed autumn leaves
changed the ruined murky portal structure
made wax pods plantable
made the brass tome craftable
changed how rune stone of ore works
tweaked the spreading of bladed offal blocks
removed vanadium chunks and molybdenum chunks
made vanadium and molybdenum ores drop themselfs
added new recipies for smelting and blasting for murky ores
made murky iron and murky gold ore drop there block forms insted of nuggets
removed damascus lock box
changed loot of some of the lock boxes
added ruins with lock boxes as tresure
added missing sounds for opening some containers
tweaked bortal mechanics
changed how the eidolon fabricator works
fixed lumisword damage not being caried over between its two states
added visual and audio effects to summoned shield
removed dev tools creative tab
moved murky artifact tools and items into murky tools creative tab and removed murky artifacts creative tab
removed murky eliments creative tab and cleaned up creative menu a lot
made murky pebbles placable
made the lumifield liquifier spawn indication particals for were to place lumifield concentrators
changed the texture of the pearlescent armor items
changed the texture of the enchanted brass armor items
changed the texture of whispering armor
reworked lockpicking
reworked sleeper dialog
added more particles
removed redundant nether gold ore
tweaked gourd lord crafting recipe
tweaked mystery candy mechanics
remade the mutated bunker
changed the bounding box of tendon blocks
added new sound effects
added infusion recipe notes
fixed missing build requirments for mutated portal spawing
changed the model of the spectral shield
remade a lot of structures

1/8/21 Half moon update

  added new ability overlay
  added tectonic strike ability to some items
  added lost planetoid artifact
  added enchanted mantle artifact
  added spectral shield artifact
  added empty vials
  added vial of focus
  added vial of endurance
  added advanced focus tower
  added advanced infusion orb
  added lumifield liquefier
  added liquified lumifield
  added luminus pipes
  added liquid cells
  added pearlescent armor
  added whispering armor
  added enchanted brass armor
  added multiple colored fluorescent lamps
  added paintings
  added pearlescent blocks
  added blocks of titanium
  added whispering block
  added block of enchanted brass
  added brass tomes
  added nether sprouts
  added nether berries
  added murky pebbles
  added festering bushes
  added fleeting murky ice
  added thin wither stems
  added thin wither caps
  added titanium throwing dagger
  added gem meld bow
  added moon beam bow
  added ground melting drill
  added dash ability
  added alexandrite dagger
  added void nodules
  added tetherfruit
  added displaced potion effect
  added seeking scroll artifact
  added onion crops
  added onions
  added winter drop
  added alcohol distiller
  added alcohol fermenter
  added winter brew
  added wheat beer
  added vodka
  added rum
  added mead
  added cider
  added wine
  added brandy
  added absinthe
  added sake
  added moonshine
  added rice
  added wormwood
  added failed brew
  added fermented brew base
  added intoxication potion effect
  added festering fence gate
  added warped voidsteel ingot
  added warped core
  added warped storage unit
  added warped Rift
  added festering trapdoors
  added chillwood trapdoors
  added ghostwood trapdoors
  added parishell trapdoors
  added scorched trap doors
  added ashen trap doors
  added void mater trap doors
  added violet net trap doors
  added ancient murky wood trap doors
  added withered trap doors
  added alchemical essence mixer
  added vial of water
  added vial of purified water
  added vial of endurance block
  added vial of focus block
  added essence of focus
  added essence of endurance
  added dark matter tnt
  added dark matter blocks
  added the void star
  added new cave structures to the murky
  added glyph powder
  added glyph of death
  added glyph of life
  added glyph of time
  added glyph of will
  added glyph of earth
  added glyph of blood
  added glyph of dark
  added glyph of balance
  added glyph of fear
  added glyph of energy
  added luminus focus gem
  added enchanted luminus focus gem
  added lumamantic ritual core
  added ritual of moon beam
  added ritual of lesser summoning
  added netherhives
  added crystalized experience
  added a crafting recipe for experience bottles
  added soul flayed effect
  added soul grasper
  added crystalized experience block
  added murky lily pads
  added small murky lily pads
  added murky wetlands biome
  added murky silt
  added haunted effect
  added emberweed
  added torchbloom
  added damp grass
  added large damp grass
  added blue damp grass
  added flowering damp grass
  added abyssal core block
  added murky boletes
  added ropes
  added rope rolls
  added new advancement lost and found
  added gazing void eye
  added crystalline void glass
  added void spike trap
  added void spikes
  added void stun trap
  added void flame trap
  added void infested trap
  added onigiri
  added onion rings
  added cooked onion rings
  added cooked rice
  added brewing recipes note
  added new advancement drink responsibly
  added new advancement whispers of the past
  added fried eggs


  added new dev test items
  tweaked tree gen
  added new particles
  updated murky nettle pods
  reworked the music
  added new music
  changed how festering vines grow
  changed how some structures generate
  changed and tweaked the mechanics of elixir brewing
  tweaked the elixir recipe sheet to be more comprehensive and readable
  fixed locked loot not spawning properly
  tweaked some advancements descriptions
  made it so that bubble particles spawn on players while wearing the diving helm
  changed the murky villages
  tweaked murky snowball throwing
  tweaked some textures
  decreased the intensity of elixirs effects
  made empty vials craftable
  made vials placable
  moved lumistone chunk to murky items tab in the creative menu
  added ghostwood door recipe
  made murky snows required tool a shovel
  added chillwood door recipe
  made murky stone easier to mine
  made the hollowed mob its own mob type
  decreased the spawn rates of the hollowed
  increased the generation of ores in the murky
  added blast furnace recipes for nether gold iron and titanium
  made more planks usable as fuel
  increased the amount of ore that generates in the murky
  decreased the hitboxes of smaller blocks
  made torches instantly breakable
  added recipes for stone type blocks to the stone cutter
  added a recipe for molybdenum doors
  fixed the hitbox of the essence chamber
  fixed some sounds for the essence chamber
  fixed the hitbox of some mobs
  changed how the runestone of terra functions
  removed voxel items
  removed challenge advancements
  renamed lock voxels to lock boxes
  made lock boxes generate with regular loot and drop rarely from bosses
  gave the stalker the ability to give the player the soul flayed effect
  changed the hitbox of murky muck
  added a limit to how many sentrys a sentry factory can produce
  changed the recipes for some items and blocks

10/31/20 March of the Elder Things update

    added the void pits dimension

    added the pits abyss biome

    added void stone

    added blistering voidstone

    added leaking voidstone 

    added elusive voidstone

    added void pits portal

    added void portal

    added void portal vault structure

    added pits alter structure

    added violet net doors

    added ancient murky doors

    added scorched doors

    added witherd doors

    added void matter doors

    added abyssal eye blocks

    added rusted void matter

    added enchanted brass ore

    added enchanted brass ingot

    added enchanted brass nugget

    added multiple new advancments

    added void matter bricks

    added void matter brick stairs

    added void matter brick slabs

    added void matter brick walls

    added void stone bricks

    added void stone brick stairs

    added void stone brick slabs

    added void stone brick walls

    added void chains

    added elder weed

    added abyssal weed

    added abyssal chains

    added multiple new structures for the void pits

    added runestone of luminosity

    added runestone of acrobatics

    added runestone of haste

    added runestone of cadence

    added void lightning

    added soul blend

    added wispering endstone

    added end displacium

    added wispering blend

    added wispering ingot

    added wispering chunk

    added titanium armor

    added construct remains

    added murky arctic biome

    added chillwood logs

    added chillwood leaves

    added chillwood planks

    added chillwood stairs

    added chillwood slabs

    added chillwood fences

    added chillwood fence gates

    added chillwood doors

    added chillwood sticks

    added murky snow blocks

    added murky snow balls

    added chilled murky stone

    added chilled murkystone bricks

    added chilled murkystone brick stairs

    added chilled murkystone brick slabs

    added chilled murkystone brick walls

    added chillwood saplings

    added murky cloud blocks

    added murky storm cloud blocks

    added sickle weed

    added the cracking elder plains biome

    added heavy void matter

    added fading void matter

    added spotted void matter

    added crumbling void matter

    added hollowed flesh

    added starstone

    added argon

    added krypton

    added xenon

    added walking shadow mob

    added new gravity effects

    added abyssal planetoids

    added ghostwood leaves

    added ghostwood saplings

    added ghostwood logs

    added ghostwood planks

    added ghostwood stairs

    added ghostwood slabs

    added ghostwood fences

    added ghostwood fence gates

    added ghostwood sticks

    added ghostwood doors

    added shadow catalist

    added the shadow march event

    added the reaper mob

    added the peeper mob

    added the void leach mob

    added shadow fabric

    added the shadow vault emitter block

    added the shadow vault receiver block

    added the shadow vault field block

    added the shadow vault fuse block

    added the shadow vault lock block

    added shadow vault lockpick

    added the sleeper mob

    added new lore related notes

    added murky power cells

    added the shadow vault structure

    added small vasses

    added medium vasses

    added large vasses

    added more ruins to the murky

    added polypores

    added large polypores

    added rotten festering logs

    added displaced potion effect

    added murky challenges creative tab

    added murky challenge advancments

    added wooden lock voxels

    added damascus lock voxels

    added titanium lock voxels

    added depths lock voxels

    added mutated lock voxels

    added void lock voxels

    added otherworldly lock voxels

    added common voxels

    added uncommon voxels

    added rare voxels

    added legendary voxels

    added mythical voxels

    added ancient voxels

    added divine voxels

    added cosmic voxels

    added eldritch voxels

    added blistering netherack

    added bleeding netherack

    added glowing netherack

    added burnt netherack

    added new structures to the nether

    added soul cluster

    added nethervine

    added molten shrooms

    added ash weed

    added small gourds

    added small carved gourds

    added small gourd lanturns

    added gourds

    added carved gourds

    added gourd lanturns

    added brown autumn leaves

    added red autumn leaves

    added orange autumn leaves

    added yellow autumn leaves

    added autumn saplings

    added autumn trees

    added autumn leaves

    added the living shadow mob

    added gourd vines

    added gourd seeds

    added gourd blocks

    added yellow gourd blocks

    added red gourd blocks

    added white gourd blocks

    added gourd pulp blocks

    added gourd stem blocks

    added giant gourds

    added the gourd lord boss mob

    added diferent colord candy with effects

    added a mystery candy with good and bad effects

-changes and fixes

    tweaked striping festering logs

    changed the placement of new torches to mimic vanilla torches

    tweaked the ai of some mobs to react to other mobs diferently

    made the piano encounterable in survival

    made it so that when you first enter the murky all mod crafting recipies are granted

    slightly changed the murky lichens top texture to be less harsh

    changed the recipie for the void anchor to require shadow fabric

    removed respawning in the murky dimension

    slightly decreased the witherwhirls attack strength

    made festering vines quicker to mine

    added a missing recipy for the murky crate

    made Samotsvet Edge obtainable through lock voxels

    fixed a bug were hopper traps were not generating in the scorched hills biome

    tweaked murky void world generation

    added a creative tab for dev items

    added new dev item to stop the shadow march event

    added some easter eggs

9/19/20 Murky Explorations update

    added bottle of caramelized murky jam

    added murky caramel

    added murky caramel treats

    added parifruit juice

    added diving helm with overlay

    added gulper mob

    added raw gulper meat

    added cooked gulper meat

    added the eidolon deadcliffs biome

    added the murky valleys biome

    added bladed overgrowth biome

    added the murky flats biome

    added twisted murky stone

    added wraith stone

    added slush blocks

    added new mud fluid

    added wither stem blocks

    added wither cap blocks

    added steaming murky stone

    added fadded lichen blocks

    added witherweed

    added hookweed

    added new creative tab for murky mod plants

    added witherglow stems

    added witherglow spores

    added witherglow blocks

    added hardened mud blocks

    added cracked mud blocks

    added wither reed

    added short wither reed

    added wither sprouts

    added wither glass

    added runic caster

    added lumiburst rune key

    added stone void rune key

    added lumifield concentrator block

    added melted blocks

    added lumifieldrefractor block

    added eidolon cragstone

    added murky stew

    added runic caster crafting components

    added multiple new structures on world gen

    added bladded moss blocks

    added blooming bladded moss blocks

    added glowing eye blocks

    added bleeding weed

    added capillary grass

    added lanturn weed

    added the witherwhirl mob

    added the bladded hound mob

    added the bortal mob

    added the wandering soul mob

    added the bladded scuttler mob

    added the wither wing mob

    added phantomweed

    added phantomweed flower

    added void construct mob

    added void steel scrap

    added void foundry crafting station

    added violet sticks

    added ancient murky sticks

    added bortal nest blocks

    added bortal egg blocks

    added bortal larva mobs

    added damp murky lichen blocks

    added aged murky lichen blocks

    added witherd planks

    added witherd stairs

    added witherd slabs

    added witherd fence

    added witherd fence gate

    added witherd sticks

    added twisted bricks

    added twisted brick stairs

    added twisted brick slabs

    added twisted brick walls

    added wraithstone bricks

    added wraithstone brick stairs

    added wraithstone brick slabs

    added wraithstone brick walls

    added mud bricks

    added mud brick stairs

    added mud brick slabs

    added mud brick walls

    added ashen barrel

    added ancient murky crate

    added violet container

    added ashen pick

    added ashen shovel

    added ashen axe

    added ashen sword

    added ashen hoe

    added skycap

    added dampshroom

    added mushroom patch

    added murky nettle sprout

    added scorched hills biome

    added slate

    added shale

    added molten slate

    added scorched lichen

    added molten lumistone

    added scorched logs

    added scorched planks

    added scorched petals

    added scorched stairs

    added scorched slabs

    added scorched sticks

    added scorched fences

    added scorched fence gates

    added scorched saplings

    added obsidavine

    added titanium ore

    added titanium slag

    added titanium ingot

    added scorched crawler

    added scorched hopper

    added scorched hopper trap

    added samotsvet edge

    added parifield

    added gilded paristone

    added paristone core

    added nether gold ore

    added nether iron ore

    added nether titanium ore

    added displaceium ore

    added ender chunk

    added inert ender pearls

    added paristone lifts

    added paribeem

    added paribeem core

    added paristone lock

    added activated paristone lock

    added paristone key peices

    added paristone key

    added depths warden boss mob

    added lesser depths warden tamable pet

    added aged paritech

    added paristone vault

    added depth temples to the murky oceans

    added seven new starfish colors

    added diving hut

    added the pariforge

    added pearlescent Ingots

-changes and fixes

    fixed essence condencer so that it eccepts essence from more sides

    re added lumiburst item as a projectile for the runic caster

    changed ore generation in the murky dimension so ore is more commen

    added the ability for multiple jem and metal blocks to be used as a beacon base

    fixed some more issues with blocks not properly updating on world gen

    tweaked the model and texture of the stalker mob

    removed redundant recipies and added tags for items used in recipies that require similer item types

    added the ability to plant murky nettle seed pods

    changed murky nettle so its quicker to harvest

    changed lockpicking mechanics

    fixed some item names

    changed the recipy for voidglow to use pearlescent Ingots

    added sounds for the gargantua angler

8/26/20 bugfixes and depths changes

    added deep shell blocks

    added fading shell blocks

    added dark shell blocks

    added aragonite blocks

    added pearlescent aragonite blocks

    added pearls

    added violet net petals

    added violet net stems

    added violet net stem caps

    added festering stalk caps

    added ashen log caps

    added violet net planks

    added violet net stairs

    added violet net slabs

    added violet net fruit

    added violet net seeds

    added violet net fruit pod

    added violet net saplings that grow hanging underwater violet net plants

    added overgrown shell structures

    added pearl block

    added icy murky stone

    added pumice blocks

    added limestone blocks

    added seaglass blocks

    added salt

    added salt blocks

    added sugar blocks

    added scleractinian blocks a new grass like block that spreads underwater

    added pearl dagger

    added pearl multitool

    added parivines

    added parifruit

    added parishell

    added hardened parishell

    added paristone

    added paristone stairs

    added paristone slabs

    added paristone walls

    added parishell doors

    added oysters

    added multiple floating pumice structures to the murky depths

    added magmablock structures to the bottom of the murky depths

    added new stalactite variants to the murky depths

    added deep jelly mob

    added starfish

-changes and fixes

    decrease the spawn rates of possesed sentrys durring lumiwurm fight

    removed random lightning attack from lumiwurm

    gave the lumiwurn the ability to teleport to the player randomly during the fight

    added recipes for multiple tools using ashen twigs or sticks

    added recipe for crafting a crafting table using ashen planks

    made some mechanical blocks properly update when blocks nearby are changed

    changed portal frame to murky oceans to icy murky stone

    removed the requirement for crimson fruit pods needing to be mined using an axe

    made crimson fruit pods easier to mine

    decreased hollowed spawn rate

    increased hollowed damage slightly

    changed the drop for mining lichens to there respective cracked stone variants

    added recipes for furnace using cracked putristone and cracked eidolonstone

    changed the way murky buckets work a bit

    changed the murky depths portal texture

8/21/20 the mutated horrors update

    added festering doors and ashen doors

    added hardend offal blocks

    added mystery meat blocks

    added sculpted mystery meat block

    added marrow blocks

    added peeping meat blocks

    added crystalized ichor block

    added tendon blocks

    added new mob the bladed worm

    added bladed cyst block

    added mutated message mob a new mimic type mob

    added mutated message blocks

    added ancient murky logs

    added ancient murky planks

    added ancient murky leaves

    added ancient murky vines

    added ancient murky saplings

    added ancient murky stairs

    added ancient murky slabs

    added petrified planks

    added petrified stairs

    added petrified slabs

    added mutated planks

    added mutated stairs

    added mutated slabs

    added bunker stone

    added mutated bunker stone

    added cracked bunker stone

    added molybdenum doors

    added underglow

    added framed underglow

    added ancient murky grass

    added eroded mutated bunkerstone

    added underglow stems

    added crawler mob

    added runestone of insomnia

    added bunker horror mob

    added bunker glass

    added framed bunker glass

    added growable ancient murky trees

    added sounds for the amalgamation

    added large amalgamation

    added new advancment A Bigger Brewery for placing an alchemical burner

    added elixer crafting hints

    added smooth bunker stone

    added mutated smooth bunker stone

    added bunker stone bricks

    added mutated bunker stone bricks

    added bunker grates

    added rotted bunker grates

    added old security key

    added locked molybdenum doors

    added old filing cabinets

    added the mutated bunker structure

    added volitile mutagen

    added rift accelerator

    added the dimensional gateway block

    added bladded portal boss mob

    added bladded arena structure

    added dimensional essence

    fixed the colision box of some elixers

    tweaked murky lichen to saport festering saplings

    tweaked festering saplings to break unless there on top of murky lichen

    changed the icons for some creative tabs

    changed the recipe for the void anchor

    removed lumisheild spawn egg from creative tabs

    removed overlays for lockpicking tumblers (will redo lockpicking compleatly)

8/3/20 duplication fix:

    removed a duplication glitch with placed elixirs

8/3/20 the alchemy update:

    added two new crafting machines the alembic and the alchemical essence condenser

    added a third machine, the alchemical burner for purifying flasks of water and making elixirs

    added five essences, entropic, basic, vigorous, accelerated and ilusive

    added five concentrates, chaotic, corporeal, vital, momentous and ethereal

    added new effect fetid flu

    added interaction with fetid water (has a chance to give fetid flu and small chance of giving putrifaction)

    added murky buckets (can only pick up fetid water at this time)

    added the ability to harvest ghostly emissions using bottles

    added luminus flasks that can be filled with water

    added the ability to purify water in a lumiflask

    added the ability to place lumiflasks and elixirs as decorations

    added new creative tab for alchemy

    added stripped festering stalks

    changed the way the ilusive matrix generates ilusive blocks

    added ilusive murkystone bricks

    added ilusive putristone bricks

    added eight new elixirs

        elixir of dispelling

        elixir of the traveler

        elixir of the attacker

        elixir of the defender

        elixir of shadows

        elixir of putrifaction

        elixir of the hungry

        elixir of extended regeneration

7/31/20 tools and preparations update

    added 4 new axes

    added 4 new shovels

    added 4 new hoes

    added 8 types of pikes for combat

    added murky twine a new string

    added damascus billets and platings

7/29/20 mini update:

    added particles for runestone of terra and runestone of ore

    added new creative tab for added foods

    cleaned up and organised creative tabs a bit

    added creative tab for notes and story items

    removed unused lumiburst item

    added more crafting recipes

    tweaked some advancments

    added new items

    added new foods (some with effects)

    fixed murky nettle pod not breaking when the stem is broken

    added new drops to some plants

7/28/20 quick fix:

    tweaked the spawn rate of a structure

    added a new structure that gives a hint on how to set up the infusion alter 

7/28/20 Introduced:

-five biomes:






-three dimensions:




-lots of blocks:

    cracked murky stone, murky stone, murky lichen (new type of grass), festering planks, festering stalk, festering needles, festering vines, lumistone, lumistone torch, murky bricks, luminus glass, vanadium ore, luminus core, putristone, murky press (new crafting station), putristone bricks, ashen logs, ashed planks, block of vanadium, molybdenum ore, bladed lichen (new type of grass), peeping bladed lichen, block of molybdenum, block of wax (with its enchanted variant), focus tower, old urn (smash for loot :>), focus infuser (new multyblock setup crafting station), runestone (can change and do stuff with runes), Crystallised Serosanguineous, murky ice, putrid marrow, lite murky ice, cracked eidolon stone, eidolon stone, spector lichen (new type of grass), eidolon bricks, polterstone, smooth polterstone, carved polterstone, ghost shroom, fake chests (with a suprise inside>:D), soulvent, gears (purely cosmetic), sentry factory (spawner), pipes, beem emiter, mechanical locks, ilusive eidolon bricks, ilusive matrix, spike traps, murky mulcher (another way to farm dirt were there is none), murky geodes, biomass, lumistone lamps (with an ornate variant), biomass torch, murky obsidian, lumifly lanturns, crimson fruit pods, murky crates, locked murky crate, four gem blocks (amythest, alexandrite, jasper, onyx), block of biomass (keep away from redstone, might be explosive), ores for the four gems (jasper, onyx, amethyst, alexandrite), gem meld block, void mater, eldereye, void mater plating, depths glow, void glow, phantasmic void mater, block of void steel (void steel has no use curently exept for decor), void capsle, murky muck (will slow you down if walked on), murky moss, murky nettle pod, murky iron ore, murky gold ore, murky quartz ore, fifteen colours of crystal block, unstable eidolon bricks, engraved void mater, eidolon fabricator, bladded offal, and leaking putristone.

-some new mobs:

    scry: small winged creature, peaceful.

    stalker: very tall ghostly creature, hostile.

    amalgamation: grotesque puddle of barely living creatures, hostile.

    hollowed: zombie like creatures mutated by radioactive luminus energy, hostile.

    mimic: a creature that waits for you to make a mistake, hostile.

    possesed sentry: a being of soul and machine, manufactured to defend there home, hostile.

    murky dweller: strange lizard people willing to trade with you, neutral.

    lumifly: small flies that wander around the murky dimension spreading small amounts of light, peaceful.

    gargantuan angler: a creature that stalks the frozen over parallel murky dimension , waiting for some unfortunate soul to try and steal its treasures, hostile.

    lumiwurm: a wurm of unknown origin made from lots of energy souls and luminus stone, hostile boss.

if you find any problems or balancing issues please comment about them here, i'm currently trying to stomp out all the bugs i have currently run into and re-balancing some mobs and items. And thank you for checking out my mod :D

I haven't played much, but I saw that there is a lot of block in the portal structure in overworld that should destroy if block below them is destroyed, but they don't. Examples are Biomass Torch and Festering Vine. I hope this gets patched (also I hope that I don't have an outdated version on the mod...).

Awesome mod! The models are fantastic, both the plants and the creatures. I especially like the spider-chest-mimic animation. The dimension is vibrant and interesting. I would submit it for MOTW if you haven't already. Well done!

Clearly I spoke too soon on that YouTube video of yours!! I saw this in my own mods "Similar Section" and just found this! Now I might actually get a good view of the mod from the inside! Guess I'll update my own comment when and if I get a chance to try it out!

your mod is one of the best that i have seen for a while, really super original and the models are the best that i have seen in a minecraft mod currently. no joke

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)
This mod is just... wow. Every dimension deserves a MOTW on its own, but together they are the perfect trio. Great textures, awesome models and just overall a great package :D

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

Me and my friend are putting together a personal modpack that we are going to use on my server. All mods in it will be Mcreator Mods, including our own, and I am definitely going to put this one in!