Published by quasar7892 on Tue, 07/28/2020 - 05:17
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    It has always been known that the overworld was not the only world that existed, the nether, the end, there has to be others. other places with there own stories to uncover, resources to exploit and landscapes to explore. getting to those worlds is a different story, but as the sun starts to set you see a strange construct embedded into a hillside you overlooked. a structure made with materials you have never before seen in any of your travels. a structure that reminds you of a portal to a place you have already been. you get an idea and try to replicate these alien resources and repair what you think to be a portal. as you place the last piece of the structure a small blue and green stone sticking out of some foliage falls onto the base and creates a spark that travels the inner perimeter of the construct, lighting it up and proving your theories correct. standing there, washed in a murky light that's spilling out of the eldritch gateway, you wonder what is on the other side. after a few moments of wonder you suit up grab some basic gear and step through into a new eldritch world...

The murky mode is my first mod that i am submitting here and its one that i plan on working on a lot more. it has been inspired by multiple adventure and lore heavy mods and will have its own story told the more you explore and progress through the mod

This mod currently adds three new dimensions with there own biomes and structures dotting the land, along with new mobs to defend them, or to help you out. along with tons of new building blocks a few foods some tools and equipment and two new crafting stations, along with some blocks with beneficial affects. adds two new metals and there respective ores along with different variants of other metals and ores. also four new gems.


the trading with murky dwellers is very basic and sloppy, i plan on changing it in the future.

the lockpicking is also poorly done and i plan on ether fixing redoing or changing the lockpicking mechanic completely.

a story message appears twice once the lumiwurm is defeated.

sometimes on defeating the lumiwurm its drop will burn up in the flames left by its lightning attack.


-note: this mod is currently in its alpha stages and has quite a few bugs and unintended effects and mechanics i plan on refining and changing at a later date.

-note 2: Its also highly recommended that you use JEI for mod recipes.

-note 3: this mod will be updated frequently so make sure to check out this page often so you don't miss anything :D

Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

8/3/20 duplication fix:

    removed a duplication glitch with placed elixirs

8/3/20 the alchemy update:

    added two new crafting machines the alembic and the alchemical essence condenser

    added a third machine, the alchemical burner for purifying flasks of water and making elixirs

    added five essences, entropic, basic, vigorous, accelerated and ilusive

    added five concentrates, chaotic, corporeal, vital, momentous and ethereal

    added new effect fetid flu

    added interaction with fetid water (has a chance to give fetid flu and small chance of giving putrifaction)

    added murky buckets (can only pick up fetid water at this time)

    added the ability to harvest ghostly emissions using bottles

    added luminus flasks that can be filled with water

    added the ability to purify water in a lumiflask

    added the ability to place lumiflasks and elixirs as decorations

    added new creative tab for alchemy

    added stripped festering stalks

    changed the way the ilusive matrix generates ilusive blocks

    added ilusive murkystone bricks

    added ilusive putristone bricks

    added eight new elixirs

        elixir of dispelling

        elixir of the traveler

        elixir of the attacker

        elixir of the defender

        elixir of shadows

        elixir of putrifaction

        elixir of the hungry

        elixir of extended regeneration

7/31/20 tools and preparations update

    added 4 new axes

    added 4 new shovels

    added 4 new hoes

    added 8 types of pikes for combat

    added murky twine a new string

    added damascus billets and platings

7/29/20 mini update:

    added particles for runestone of terra and runestone of ore

    added new creative tab for added foods

    cleaned up and organised creative tabs a bit

    added creative tab for notes and story items

    removed unused lumiburst item

    added more crafting recipes

    tweaked some advancments

    added new items

    added new foods (some with effects)

    fixed murky nettle pod not breaking when the stem is broken

    added new drops to some plants

7/28/20 quick fix:

    tweaked the spawn rate of a structure

    added a new structure that gives a hint on how to set up the infusion alter 

7/28/20 Introduced:

-five biomes:






-three dimensions:




-lots of blocks:

    cracked murky stone, murky stone, murky lichen (new type of grass), festering planks, festering stalk, festering needles, festering vines, lumistone, lumistone torch, murky bricks, luminus glass, vanadium ore, luminus core, putristone, murky press (new crafting station), putristone bricks, ashen logs, ashed planks, block of vanadium, molybdenum ore, bladed lichen (new type of grass), peeping bladed lichen, block of molybdenum, block of wax (with its enchanted variant), focus tower, old urn (smash for loot :>), focus infuser (new multyblock setup crafting station), runestone (can change and do stuff with runes), Crystallised Serosanguineous, murky ice, putrid marrow, lite murky ice, cracked eidolon stone, eidolon stone, spector lichen (new type of grass), eidolon bricks, polterstone, smooth polterstone, carved polterstone, ghost shroom, fake chests (with a suprise inside>:D), soulvent, gears (purely cosmetic), sentry factory (spawner), pipes, beem emiter, mechanical locks, ilusive eidolon bricks, ilusive matrix, spike traps, murky mulcher (another way to farm dirt were there is none), murky geodes, biomass, lumistone lamps (with an ornate variant), biomass torch, murky obsidian, lumifly lanturns, crimson fruit pods, murky crates, locked murky crate, four gem blocks (amythest, alexandrite, jasper, onyx), block of biomass (keep away from redstone, might be explosive), ores for the four gems (jasper, onyx, amethyst, alexandrite), gem meld block, void mater, eldereye, void mater plating, depths glow, void glow, phantasmic void mater, block of void steel (void steel has no use curently exept for decor), void capsle, murky muck (will slow you down if walked on), murky moss, murky nettle pod, murky iron ore, murky gold ore, murky quartz ore, fifteen colours of crystal block, unstable eidolon bricks, engraved void mater, eidolon fabricator, bladded offal, and leaking putristone.

-some new mobs:

    scry: small winged creature, peaceful.

    stalker: very tall ghostly creature, hostile.

    amalgamation: grotesque puddle of barely living creatures, hostile.

    hollowed: zombie like creatures mutated by radioactive luminus energy, hostile.

    mimic: a creature that waits for you to make a mistake, hostile.

    possesed sentry: a being of soul and machine, manufactured to defend there home, hostile.

    murky dweller: strange lizard people willing to trade with you, neutral.

    lumifly: small flies that wander around the murky dimension spreading small amounts of light, peaceful.

    gargantuan angler: a creature that stalks the frozen over parallel murky dimension , waiting for some unfortunate soul to try and steal its treasures, hostile.

    lumiwurm: a wurm of unknown origin made from lots of energy souls and luminus stone, hostile boss.

if you find any problems or balancing issues please comment about them here, i'm currently trying to stomp out all the bugs i have currently run into and re-balancing some mobs and items. And thank you for checking out my mod :D

Awesome mod! The models are fantastic, both the plants and the creatures. I especially like the spider-chest-mimic animation. The dimension is vibrant and interesting. I would submit it for MOTW if you haven't already. Well done!