The Spectra

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It's The Spectra!

~The Spectra is a mod based on Rainbows~

There's rainbow biomes, rainbow ores... rainbow everything!!!

This Mod Currently Includes:

  • 7 New Biomes! (Based on the colors of the Rainbow)
  • New Varieties of Wood (Very colorful uwu)
  • 7 New Ores! (Also Rainbow Themed)
  • Ability to make wooden tools out of the new wood
  • Rotatable Logs uwu


Planned Features:

  • A new Dimension: The Spectra. (Maybe an evil monochrome dimension as well, called "The Mono")
  • Lore
  • Custom Trees
  • Weapons, Tools, and Armor for each of the 7 gems.
  • Custom Mobs
  • ROY G BIV (Won't spoil this too much)

All Gems are mineable with a Iron Pickaxe (Level 2) and Above.

~All Ores can be uncommonly found under y-level 32~

Please report any issues to me asap!

Credits to myself and Mojang for the given textures used. Credit to MCreator for the Mod Engine.

Modification files
The Spectra 0.0.1 [1.12.2].jarUploaded on: 04/17/2019 - 00:36   File size: 338.65 KB

Alpha 0.0.1

  • Added 7 New Biomes named after the colors of the rainbow
  • Added 7 New Ores also named after the rainbow