Nature Expansion

Published by Ddx11__ on Fri, 05/13/2022 - 17:45
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- This mod ain't new, it was released the last year but I didn't uploaded it here -
Nature Expansion 
is a mod that improves the Minecraft Vegetation, adding new flowers and foods, it improves the Overworld, the Nether and the END, some examples of new plants are the Soul Roses, that will burn you, or the Chorus grass and Flowers.


  • Revamped the Minecraft World with new vegetation
  • New biome called Flowered Hills
  • Improved the deserts/badlands with death grass
  • Improved the END with chorus vegetation
  • Improved the NETHER with crimson roses, warped roses and soul roses!
  • Added Yucca!!! a new food that can be found on dark forests! Don't eat raw yucca, because its very poisonous D:
  • Added Blueberries, a new variant of the sweet berries, can be found on the Taiga biome, make a Jam and a Pie with it!
  • Improved Caves with Stone Grass
  • Mushroom Sprouts!
  • New End Stone Block! Make bricks with it!

    To see all the recipes use JEI :)



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Super cool mod before I even downloaded it. I'm pretty sure that this will go well with my Minecore mod!