Explorer Craft

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A new world full of new biomes, structures, generations, minerals, and various things that will make your survival better ... we added things that minecraft did not think, and thought, we hear what you would like us to add in the comments, we may add it in an update if we like the idea!

if you download this mod you will be supporting the creator

things for the moment: amethyst, amethyst crystals, 3 new structures, gold eyes, plastic amethyst and new things that you will surely like, try a survival and look for the new bamboo forest biome, where you can find: big bamboo, a new block that gives you jungle wood when crafting

Coming soon adding more minerals and new things that you will surely want to see in your minecraft world!



This mod has lore, that's why some items are quite interesting and necessary to understand lore ...

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Explorer Craft [Reworked] V.0.0.5.jar - Open AlphaUploaded on: 02/19/2021 - 19:57   File size: 4.73 MB