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Add 4 Whole new biomes to your minecraft world!!! includes the biomes sunset plains,nightwood forest, and copperoak woodlands, flaming forest, with 6 new achievments , 13 new blocks,11 new items and 2 new fluids for an enhanced minecraft expirience! With sunset plains mine for the elusive ore, Sunset ore and make the  Sunset chest , armor tools, and smelt the gem for  softener a new fluid! Nightwood forest is needed for the dark scepter  and dark orb bullets for the scepter. copperoak is very much needed for most of the mod, as every tool is crafted with the bark piece instead of sticks. The flaming forest is needed to complete an achievement the flaming forest is mainly used for its char provided by the logs when crafted.



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Grindlock.jar - Grindlock 0.0.1302.07 KB
Grindlock0.0.3.jar - Grindlock 0.0.3408.98 KB

Grindlock 0.0.3: added flaming forest ,dark scepter, dark orbs ,achievements and much more!!!

New Storyline added

Nice mod :)
I agree with Sir_cookie, maybe you could write what you can do in these biomes, if are there any specific mobs or structures, etc.