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Published by Wh0C4res on Fri, 11/08/2019 - 19:38
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The new version of my "Advanced Minecraft" mod series. The updates on this will mostl likely not be announced, but will happen at rather random times. Updates will also not occur regularly, they will have their breaks. I cannot always keep up with updates, which also is the reason why the "Advanced Minecraft"-series was stopped.


Modification files
Advance_Alpha_01.jar - Download Alpha 0.1!702.8 KB
Advance_Alpha_02.jar - Download the latest version! [Alpha 0.2]3.27 MB

Alpha 0.1:

  • Added Curselands [Biome]
  • Added Cursestone, Cursepebble [Blocks]
  • Added "Curse" [Music]
  • Added Cursewater [Fluid, still in developement]

Alpha 0.2:
  • Added Curselands+ [Biome]
  • Added Curse Essence [Item, Material]
  • Added Curse Flower [Spawns outside of Curselands/Curselands+, drops Curse Essence]
  • Added "Night Approaches" [Music]


Alpha 0.3a:

  • Added Cursed Bricks [Block]
  • Added the "Curseforge" advancement
  • Added "Cursecraft"  [Experiemental sound, still in testing]
  • Added Curse Crystal [Material]
  • Added CURSED TOOLS [Sword, Axe, Pickaxe]
  • Added the CURSED TOWER RUINS [Structure]

Please add screenshots of your mod, and explain what it adds in the description.

[10th November 2019] This mod CURRENTLY adds the following: 1 biome [Curselands], 2 blocks [Cursestone, Cursepebble], 1 plant/flower [Curseflower], 1 fluid [Cursewater, still in dev] and 2 new music tracks. The music does not play while you're going on an adventure or whatever, but you have to play it with /playsound or /playsound, but i'm trying to figure out a solution to that problem.

By the way, the Curseflower spawns OUTSIDE of Curselands biomes [It originally was a glitch, but right now.. im calling it a "feature"], and they drop Curse Essence, which will be used for items that will be added in the near future.

Screenshots that include pretty much every item/biome/block will be uploaded in the next Update.

Keep in mind that this is still "In Developement" as the Release Type says if you look simply above the downloads section. I'm not giving myself pressure and make updates on specific dates, but im making it more of a suprise, since i also have a real life.. and that's slightly more important than a minecraft modification.

I'm having to quickly correct myself. There are actually 2 biomes, Curselands and Curselands+. The Curselands biome is a little more common than the Curselands+ biome, and the only difference between them are the pillars that generate in them, and some major height differences