Blue Biome Mod

Published by GamerGod on Tue, 06/09/2020 - 04:32
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A mod that adds a new biome with everything blue! New mobs, trees and ores. This is my first mod and it may not be the best but i hope you like it. It adds new food too! There is new armor and weapons. It also adds new tools. The two ores are Blue Iron Ore and Blue Gold Ore. It adds 3 new animals for right now.

The blue cow, blue pig and blue chicken. It adds blue apples and blue meat for the new animals. In the future i am planing to add Blue Wood Villagers and new mobs. I am also planning to add more animals. I will also make a crafting guide for my mod so you can craft everything in my mod. 

Make sure to check out my YouTube channel for updates and reviews. My channel is MinecraftGamerGod.

I will make and publish more mods in the future so make sure to watch out for them. The are extra copy's of the discription because I need More Characters.

In the new update i added two new mobs  plus a new bow. Mobs and textures may look a little weird because i am still working on my mod.

In the latest update i added new mobs new items and blocks. It is still in develement tho.

This is probally the final version


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Blue Biome Mod - Version 1.0.222 bytes

Just to let people know I will not be updating this mod mostly because i don't have the files for the mod. If i can get the files from somewhere on my computer I will probably add a little more content to this mod but I just wanted to let people know this if they are expecting an update.

the pig is very cute! maybe improve the grass texture? it has a weird splotch in the middle. also improve your textures overall, the leaves are just tinted blue and the red fruits (?) are just outlined.