World of the Orbs

Published by WiffPlays on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 17:51
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Version 0.4.1 Released!

The World of the Orbs Mod is a remake of the Wiff's Dimensions Mod, which will add many new blocks, items, mobs and more!

The goal in this mod is to travel to many different worlds to get their orbs.

What they are used for? Only they know...


- What this mod currently has -

  • 2 dimensions: The Berther and The Star Fields
  • 8 Mobs that live in the Berther.
  • 8 Mobs that live in the Star Fields.
  • Many Decoration blocks.
  • 6 New GUI Blocks
  • New Items
  • New Plants
  • 1 new Ore in the Nether
  • 5 new Ores in the Berther
  • 3 new Ores in the Star Fields
  • Many new Structures
  • 4 Biomes in the Berther
  • 3 Biomes in the Star Fields
  • Advancements (only for Berther at the moment)
  • Vanish Blocks with many Variations

- Plans for the future -

  • More dimensions
  • More Biomes in the current dimensions
  • Many more Blocks, Items and Mobs
  • More Blocks with GUI
  • More Advancements
  • And even more!


Special Information on some blocks:

- Star Converter -

The Star Converter is used to get the Star Pieces from the corresponding star.

Before you can use the Star Converter, you have to power it up using Night Powerer.

Night Powerer can only be activated at night, as the name suggests.

You can also use Star Powerer instead of Night Powerer. These blocks can only be activated in the Star Dimension.

Here is how you power up the Star Converter:

Star Converter

- Berther Lucky Block -

The Berther Lucky Block is, as the name says, a Lucky Block, which can be found in the Berther.

This Lucky Block spawns random stuff when the player breaks it, like items, blocks, mobs or even structures.

The special thing about this Lucky Block is that it has a Luck value.

The Luck value can the changed by putting Ore Blocks (like Block of Iron) on top of the Lucky Block (only works with Vanilla's and this mod's blocks).

Here is an example how it looks like:

Berther Lucky Block

The maximum luck a Berther Lucky Block can have is 100. Only the blocks that go up to this value will dissapier when you break it.


- Wish Machine -

The Wish Machine is a block, which can be crafted with material from the Star Fields Dimension.

This Block kinda acts like a Lucky Block, but works differently.

You have to put Wishful Energy into it's GUI and press the "Wish" button. Then, a item spawns on top of the Wish Machine.

You can also upgrade this block, so that it gives better items. The Block that can upgrade the Wish Machine is called Block of Wishes.

The Wish Machine can go up to Level 20.

This is how the Block of Wishes have to be around the Wish Machine:

Wish Machine (Level 20)


It's recommended to use Just Enough Items, so you know all the recipes.

Next Update is coming soon!

- WiffPlays

Modification files
WorldoftheOrbs_1.15.2_0.4.1.jar - Version MB
WorldoftheOrbs_1.14.4_0.4.0.jar - Version MB
WorldoftheOrbs_1.14.4_0.3.0.jar - Version MB
WorldoftheOrbs_1.14.4_0.2.1.jar - Version MB

Update 0.4.1 Changelog:

  • Updated the Mod to 1.15.2
  • Added many new Vanish Block Variants
  • Added a Tool which you can use on the Vanish Blocks to make then vanish and the other way around.
  • Removed the ability to use Redstone on Vanish Blocks
  • The Vanisher now has 3 "categories".
  • Added a new Advancement
  • Added a new Mob to the Berther
  • Other major improvements, such as swinging arm and sounds.

Update 0.4.0 Changelog:

  • Added a new dimension: The Star Fields
  • Added 3 biomes to the Star Fields
  • Added 8 new Mobs to the Star Fields
  • Added 3 new Ores to the Star Fields.
  • Added many new blocks and items.
  • Added some new flowers.
  • Added new tools, armor and weapons.
  • Added new structures to the Berther.
  • Added new structures to the Star Fields.
  • Added some new blocks and ores to the Berther.
  • Improved the structure generation in the Berther.
  • Replaced a structure in the Berther.
  • Added a new Music Disc.
  • Added a new painting.
  • Added new blocks with GUI and special functionality.

Update 0.3.0 Changelog:

  • Added 3 new stone types that spawn in the Berther
  • Added a new biome to the Berther: The Poison Wastes
  • Added 4 new mobs
  • Added new Blocks
  • Added new items
  • Added new structures
  • Added 2 new GUI Blocks
  • Added 2 new Ores to the Berther
  • Added new tools and armor
  • Added a ranged weapon
  • Added Grass for the Bloodfields and Poison Wastes.
  • Added the Berther Lucky Block.
  • Added a new Music Disc
  • Added Advancements for the Berther
  • Blood Trees now spawn with an plattform underneath them


Update 0.2.1 Changelog:

  • Added Vanish Block Variants. Vanilla Blocks can be turned into Vanish Blocks
  • Added a GUI Block, which can craft the Vanish Block Variants.
  • Added some Blocks to the Dragon_Immune and Wither_Immune Tags
  • You don't lose Blood Meal in Creative Mode when you use it.
  • The Dimensional Wood Stripper doesn't lose durability anymore when you are in Creative Mode.


Update 0.2.0 Changelog:

  • Added 2 new mobs to the Berther
  • Added 2 new biomes to the Berther
  • Added new blocks and items
  • Added a new tree type found in the Berther
  • Added new plants in the Berther
  • Added a new ore to the Berther
  • Added new tools and armor.
  • Added 2 new structures with random loot.

I agree this rudeness is not really nice. All people have to start somewhere, nobody is born expert nor is anybody perfect. Crispy, remember your first mods, surely they were not the next big hit initially. Please consider there are people on the other side of the screen when talking on the internet ;)