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Welcome one, welcome all to the official first release of the Thousand Worlds mod! So far, only one dimension has been created. However, in the near future, there will be many more. Currently, there are no screenshots, but maybe there will be soon. For now, I'll just have to list the crafting recipes by words, which may work well and be stuck with. Here we go!


Current Available Dimensions (Including Vanilla):


-Nether (Portal Frame = Obsidian, Lighter = Flint and Steel)

-End (Special Portal in Stronghold underground structure, Lit by placing all Ender Eyes around the edges)

-Industrial (Portal Frame = LIT Furnaces (Won't work with unlit ones), Lighter = Industrial Ignition Key (Recipe: Iron Ingots in top right, bottom left and center. Iron Ingots in middle left and middle bottom))


New Items and Weapons:

-Industrial Powder (Gotten from mining Solidified Industrial Powder)

-Laser (Consumes Industrial Powder to shoot) (Recipe: Red Stained Glass block top middle, Infinite Energy Generator (See below) center, Industrial Powder bottom corners, Iron Ingot everywhere else except top corners)


New Blocks:

-Solidified Industrial Powder (Main Block in Industrial Dimension)

-Infinite Energy Generator (Has a chance to drop a piece of redstone along with itself when destroyed) (Recipe: Redstone in center, Glowstone dust on all sides' middles, Industrial Powder in corners)

-Gem Compressor (One-use, Turns any valuable into its block form) (Recipe: Furnace in center, Obsidian in top and bottom middle, Pistons in corners, Industrial Powder in remaining slots)

-Laser Grinder (Strikes lightning on itself when powered with Redstone) (Recipe: Iron in all 3 slots on the left and right, Industrial Powder bottom middle, Infinite Power Generator in center, Laser in top middle)

-Seed Accelerator (Turns anything with "Seed" in the name into its respective food form) (Recipe: Iron Ingots in corners, Infinite Energy Generator in center, Wheat in left, Pumpkin Seeds right, Melon Seeds up, and Beetroot Seeds on the bottom middle)


And so far, for V1.0.0, that's all, folks! Have fun with my mod!


Copyright Notice: All information and ideas in this modification to the game Minecraft (which in and of itself is copyrighted and trademarked by Mojang) are original to the creator, the owner of the Mr_Alpha profile on this website, who prefers to remain anonymous. This add-on to Minecraft is protected under general United States copyright and fraud laws.




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I haven't downloaded this mod, but I was thinking that when you go to the Industrial Dimension it makes a portal in the dimension... And the portal is made by lit furnaces... Well, I was thinking if the furnaces generated by entering in the dimension are always lit and so can be used for infinite fuel