To the Moon

Published by Alphium on Thu, 07/30/2020 - 20:01
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Thanks for looking at my mod! The main feature is the new Moon dimension. I might add more objects in space later. When the player reaches 400 blocks or more in height, a GUI opens that allows them to transfer to the Moon. Reaching that height on the Moon will also send you back to the Overworld.

New ores:

Lead - Used to make protective shielding for yourself and your ship.

Titanium - Used for heat-resistant parts of your rocket.

Aluminum - Makes up most of your rocket.

New Biomes:

Lunar Midlands - Contains dunes of regolith.

Lunar Sea - The surface is much darker than in the midlands.

These biomes can only be found on the Moon.

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Note: the spacesuit texture is from a skin on PlanetMinecraft by the user iMorph

Modification files
ToTheMoon_4.jar - for 1.15.2295.13 KB
  • fixed glitch where the rockets would float above or sink into the ground
  • also should have fixed the glitch where the player is not inside the small rocket
  • added aluminum


Damn thats sick, i think it would be cool if entities that do damage to you get poisoned if they attack when you wear the lead armor since lead is poisonous (Then again you are wearing it :p)

WHOEVER DOWNLOADED IT: please get the new version, it fixes the glitches where you float above/below the rocket

(I only tried this on creative, and did't tried any recipies, and other blocks, only rocket and travel to moon)
This is really good mod, I like concept, like similar to galactic craft, but I have some ideas for improves:
1. You should make rocket faster, and make it start after pressing key (or mayby GUI asking for travel).
2. I think you should make rockets FASTER, and mayby make "space height" little higher.
3. I have seen rocket levitating (high in air) i think it should be destroyed.
4. When I came back to earth I was falling from high distance (if I were in survival I would probably die).
5. I think in moon their should be like moonstone (not normal stone) underground on moon.
6. About new planets, for example when you gonna fly with better rocket to "space height" their gonna show new gui with new planet.

I think that's all, nice mod, it has gotten Upvote from me :)