Mo'Dimensions 1.10.2

Published by High Gamer on Fri, 09/16/2016 - 20:20
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In development
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Minecraft is awsome with its current Dimensions (Nether,End) But it became just so boring That we need more things to explore like new Dimensions. This is what this mod do! 

Things Done: 
- Moon Dimension 

How To Get in Moon Dimension: 

Flint & Rock: 


Moon Stone Brick: 

Mossy Moon Rock: 

-Iron Blocks 

How To get to Sky Dimension:

Flint And Leather

Cloud Block


Portal Frame mad out of cloud

Future Plans: 
-More Dimensions... 

I'm looking forward for some suggestions :)

Modification files

Just make every dimension you can think of!!
Dirt dimension
Sun Dimension
Extra hell dimensions
Heaven Dimension
Dark Dimension
Light dimension
Shit Dimension
Earth Dimension
Computer Dimension
Mentally Ill Dimension
Existensial Dimension
Space Dimension
Weirdo Dimension
Gold Dimension
Dimension Dimension
And so on!