Tale of Biomes

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In development
GNU General Public License version 3 (GPLv3)
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About Tale of Biomes

Tale of Biomes is a Minecraft mod that I am working on as part of the MCreator Lore series on my YouTube channel NorthWestTrees MCreator. Tale of Biomes adds a new dimension and custom world full of new mechanics and features that expand the game's reach.

License & GitHub

The project is licensed under GPL-3.0 license and the source code can be found here on my GitHub repository.

YouTube Series

If you have not heard of the MCreator Lore series you can find a full list of the videos where I work on this same mod in this YouTube Playlist.

In Development

This mod is in development, there will be bugs, and some may break your world or lose progress or items. back up your world before using this modification, at least until it gets out of this stage. Check the change log to know if it's a snapshot or release it will say what it is below snapshots are unable releases will be more stable and less likely to cause problems.

How to Help

If you want to help make the mod more stable you can help by reporting bugs on the GitHub repository so I can work toward stable I am also looking for a few wiki contributors that can document the modification if you are interested get in touch with me via email and I can set you up with the GitHub as a wiki contributor.

Snapshot Release Summaries

Snapshot 1: (Jan 1, 2024)

Added most of the features we worked on at the beginning of the lore series.

Snapshot 2: (Feb 3, 2024)

Fixes several issues, and adds new features, both ongoing projects and things we have done in the lore series. 
Made several optimizations to the mod and its source code.

Modification files
Tale_of_Biomes-0.2.0-indev_Forge_1.20.1.jar - Regular / SnapshotUploaded on: 02/04/2024 - 01:17   File size: 1.97 MB
Tale_of_Biomes-0.2.0-indev_Forge_1.20.1_Deobfuscate.jar - Deobfuscate / SnapshotUploaded on: 02/04/2024 - 01:17   File size: 1.94 MB

r0.2.0-Indev - Snapshot


  • Added a creative tab for blocks, resources, tools and decorations.
  • Added world variable based on wind speed, direction and temperature.
  • Added season items which can display the season in the dimension.
  • Added world variable based on seasons and season temperature.
  • Added custom tool decor blocks
  • Added custom beds
  • Added Hanging and Ground Lanterns
  • Added variable seasons and season temperature system.
  • Added the Season Device item to show what season and provide season information.
  • Added Kiln, Phosphorite Stone, Thatch Block, Thatch Stairs, and Thatch Slab recipes
  • Added separate inventory support for Eldenmoor and other dimensions.
  • Added cliff generation to Eldenmoor
  • Added tag for plains biomes
  • Added tag for Piruff biomes
  • Added tag for all Eldenmoor biomes
  • Added new tall grass features
  • Added support so when the player sneaks when placing shrubs they will not spread.


  • Cleaned up workspace folders
  • Renamed some elements to be more consistent.
  • Optimized some procedures to run a bit more efficiently.
  • Some optimizations for tag elements to use a global variable.


  • Fixed new games starting on day 2 of spring.
  • Fixed lore and action bar text for the Season Device.
  • Fixed grass plains generate flowers from grass growth.
  • Fixed Typo Large Birck Stairs
  • Fixed issue with tags not generating 'minecraft:air' in tag names in 2023.4 1.20.1
  • Fixed type on the registry for large brick slab and stairs.
  • Fixed Phosphorite structures not generating properly. Huge thanks to SomeoneElse for the help.
  • Fixed both shrub blocks not generating properly.
  • Fixed the shrub block placement condition issue.
  • Fixed the lack of restriction for growth for shrub blocks.
  • Fixed tall grass-dropping wheat seeds, they now drop rice seeds.
  • Fixed possible issue with Piruff floating.


  • Lanterns turn on and off based on the "startTime" and "endTime".
  • Lanterns can be set by right-clicking or shift + right-clicking

r0.1.0-Indev - Snapshot


  • Added dimension
  • Added dirt and grass blocks
  • Added grass mechanics
  • Added aster flowers
  • Added goldenrod flower
  • Added wild indigo flower
  • Added sand and stone blocks
  • Added fertile soil
  • Added grassland biomes
  • Added grassland features
  • Added grassland shrub biomes
  • Added flower grassland biome variants.
  • Added pure coal ore
  • Added silk touch and sticks to bushes
  • Added gravel and crystal
  • Added water crystal generation
  • Added water crystal gem resource
  • Added water crystal tools
  • Added Piruff logs and leaves
  • Added Piruff trees
  • Added Piruff forests
  • Added crop weeds
  • Added weeds and rock mechanics for crops
  • Added clay and bricks
  • Added soil mixture mechanics
  • Added soil pH level and fertility mechanics
  • Added limestone, cobbled limestone, and quicklime blocks
  • Added kiln multi-structure crafting station
  • Added kiln temperature mechanics
  • Added rice crop stages
  • Added basic rice crop mechanics
  • Added rice seeds
  • Added tilled soil correction, now can be waterlogged for rice crops
  • Added Piruff wood set
  • Added cut grass mechanics
  • Added renewable tall grass mechanics
  • Added new straw resource
  • Added thatch blocks

Also another bug, when placing the bed it can delete a full block up one and you can't place the bed in a 1 by two hole facing south the not been able to place and deleting the block as both facing south

They there nice work but your beds are not working I know you only have a option to mimic the sleep it's not a real laydown sleep but it don't even let you sleep I think your maths might be incorrect.

Beds are a work in progress, they are not craftable yet more experimental at the moment.
I have been trying to get something set up for the large project I am working on, your insight on the issues helps, thank you.
I will make sure to add this to the issue tracker on GitHub so I can keep track of the issues.

I do have an older tutorial on my YouTube channel for 2020.2 if you search "bed" it will be the first video that comes up in the channel search. However, if I used material you will need to do the same thing but with tags instead as material blocks are not supported anymore but doing the same thing for tags works fine.

Hey, congratulations! Your tutorials helped me get into modding in the first place. Keep up the good work!