Treasure Aweights

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In Recent Times I've Lost Enthusiasm And Will No Longer Be Working On This Mod

Dev Twitter <=== Pre-Update


Dungeon Creation Is Now Relatively More Manageable With New Traps And Loot!
This Mod Adds Explorable Dungeons (That You Must Create Yourself)

Or Alternately Can Be Used As A Trap For Other Player

And If You’re Friendless Don’t Worry You Can Use These For Your Own Purposes
Like Farms

Constructive Criticism Is very Appreciated :D


This Mod Is In A Very Early Version
Please Feel Free To Report Any Bugs Or Problems
It's Always Helpful!
And Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

- Added Fluid Hoppers
And Big Fluid Hoppers
- Added The Shop Block
For All Your Shopping Needs
- Added Flame Spikes, Fuse And Better Flame Trap Functionality

- Added Springboards To Bounce The Player And Their Items
- Added Stovetop Traps That Work As Fire Traps But Upwards
- Added Ashplane To Hide All Of Your Traps
- Changed Fuse Texture To Look Like Item
- Made Fires Lit With A Fuse Easier To Get Rid Of
- Added Toaster Trap, And No It Doesn't Make Toast

Patch 1!
- Made Fire Traps Emit Light

- Changed How Toaster Trap Works
Toaster Traps Will Now Throw The User Into The Air When Turned Off

- Added Shop Variant 'Fish Market'
- Added Shop Variant 'Bank'
- Added Shop Variant 'Blacksmith'
- Added Shop Variant GUIs
- Made All Shop GUIs Fully Functional
- Added Coin Type 'Copper'
- Added Coin Type 'Silver'
- Added Coin Type 'Platinum'
- Added Shop Price And Item Changes


- Added Redstone Activated TNT Block
- Added New 1x1 Painting Of A Chest

VERSION 4.7!!!

- Added Skeleton Bomber
It Explodes When It Finds You

- Added Sneaky Creeper
This Is A Creeper Witch Is Almost Completely Invisible >:)

- Added Cold Creeper

This Creeper Type Has A Lot Of Health And Doesn't Move Fast

-Added Wither Skeleton Wanderer
And Wither Skeleton Longhorn These Are Basic Dungeon Withers

- Added Wither Skeleton Thief
They Steal Your Coins When You Aren't Looking

- Added Wither Skeleton Mage!
This Wither Skeleton Can Summon Most Other Types Of Wither Skeletons And Float When Needed
It Has Less Health When In The Air And Is Also A Boss Creature

- Added Some Advancements To Make Yourself Feel More Complete In Life

- Added Dungeon Slimes
These Are Base Creatures That Aren't To Strong And Will Spawn In Earlier Floors Of The Dungeon

- Added Dummy
This Is To Test The Abilities Of All Your Special Dungeon Weapons

- Added Lava Holder
This Block Holds Lava In A State That Can Be Used Anti-Vertically For Traps

- Added Dev Item : The Item Damager
This Item Will Damage Whatever Is In Your Off Hand. So If You Want To Make Custom Loot Chests In Dungeons Use This For Damaged Tools


- Added Lightning Summoner
This Will Summon Creatures That Can Be Made With Lightning Such As : Charged Creeper, Witch, Zombified Piglin And Wither Skeleton Mage

- Added Jade Ore And Armour<3
The Jade Armour All Have Unique Functionality, But They All Share The Same Function They Only Work If You Are Lower Than 3 And A Half Hearts >

- Jade Helmet : No One Can See
This Helmet  Makes You Blind When Below 3 1/2 Hearts And Makes All Other Minds Blind By Making You Invisible

- Jade Cropped Plate : Who Needs Good Armour?
This Armour Dosn't Protect You Much But Will Give Vast Amount Of Regeneration

- Jade Leggings : Speed Is Your Friend
Gives Speed 1
Jade Boots : N/A

- Added Chiseled Cobblestone Decoration Block (With 3 Variants)

- Added Mossy Chiseled Cobblestone Decoration Block (With 3 Variants)

- Added Honeycomb Bricks Decoration Block (With 3 Variants)

- Added Glow Honeycomb Block
It Glows

- Added Honey Minecart
This Minecart Is Purely A Decoration For The 'Honey Mines' Dungeon Variant

- Added Small Hypho Plant
This Is A Flower That Spawns in The 'Honey Mines', 'Queens Hive' And 'Wasp Caves' Dungeon Variants

- Added Bee Wing Glass
This Is Another Type Of Glass Block, Made From Bee Wings, It's... Softer

- Added Slime Variant: Honey

- Added Warrior Of The East, This Creature Has 90 Health And Rides A Skeleton Horse, Equipped With The 'Helmet Of The West' Item

- Added Helmet Of The West
This Helmet Is Better Than Netherite

- Added Scroll


 -Added Some Decoration Blocks


- Added Slime Variant: Red

- Added Slime Variant: Yellow

- Added Slime Variant: Black

- Added Slime Variant: Water

- Added Slime Variant: Ice

- Added Slime Variant: Lava

- Added Slime Variant: Pink

- Added Dev Item: Slime Wand
To Spawn Slimes In With Relative Ease

- Added Iceball
This Acts Like A Snowball But Is Harder

Hello! If You Were Looking For More Content
Boy Do I Have The Update For You!
Update 9!
This Update Will Add Randomly Generated HUGE Dungeons That Will Spawn In Your World
And Will Be The Final Big Update To The Mod

Modification files
Treasure Aweights Final Unfinished.jar - THE MOD!!!Uploaded on: 09/12/2021 - 10:15   File size: 3.08 MB

This Mod Is In A Fairly Early Version

Please Report Any Bugs Or Problems!

It's Always Helpful

And Constructive Criticism Is Appreciated

In Recent Times I've Lost Enthusiasm And Will No Longer Be Working On This Mod

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This mod looks BANGERS!

Wow this mod is coming together nicely. Can't wait to see the randomly generated dungeons you come up with :D

nIce mod i love the textures im sure if someone saw this mod the first time not on mcreator he would not be able to tell that this was made in mcreator

I Dont dowloaded the mod, simply, because i dont making maps. But even with description and screenshots... THIS MOD IS GORGOUS!

Man, these textures are sick! Love how unique they look. And features are also pretty cool, great to see such mod made via MCreator ^^