The Miner's Dream (Dimension)

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Bring your torches, because it's getting dark in here!

Miner's Dimension is a very small modification, which simply adds another dimension into Minecraft without adding any items (except the portal igniter). The dimension is Nether-like and is supposed to make it feel like a mine, or cave. The portal to this dimension is made up out of purely diamond blocks, but it'll be worth it because of the amounts of diamond ore in this dimension. Since this has a Nether-like generation set to it, it's also going to spawn mobs, so you better watch out. The biome set is an Extreme Redwood Taiga biome, allowing for huge trees, and a lot of wood, making this a place where you can live too! (Excluding the fact of the extreme lack of passive-neutral mobs).

Explanation of the Miner's Dimension:

  • Nether-like terrain generation.
  • Dark world, no light.
  • The ore for the dimension is diamond ore, allowing for a great amount of diamonds, and the standard terrain block is stone.
  • The liquid block is still water, allowing for travel by boat across large distances.
  • Nether-like generation allows for hostile mob-spawns 24/7.
  • Extreme Redwood Taiga biome, allowing for trees and even larger trees, and an ideal place for living- with the right equipment.

I know, this isn't a huge mod (or even that hard to make for a fact), but it allows for some interesting gameplay if you enjoy constant darkness.

Portal igniter (below):
Miner's Dimension portal igniter crafting.

Modification files
miners_dimension.jar - The file for the Miner's Dimension mod.Uploaded on: 02/25/2018 - 15:50   File size: 728.56 KB
  • Created the Miner's Dimension dimension.
  • Created an igniter for the Miner's Dimension portal.

Good Mod. But, how did you put the picture in the description? :)

open the image in a separated tab and the hyperlink will be this. this hyperlink was just copied and pasted and the system registered it as a render rather than just a hyperlink: